The 15 Things That Annoy Retail Employees Most

Because the customer isn't always right.

Some of you are probably thinking:

"Retail employees work in the service industry, so it's their job to please," or

"They're the ones who signed up for this, not me" or

"The customer is always right, so they can't complain."

Well, making those statements is easy if you've never actually worked in retail. Let's face it - dealing with people sucks. You could be the nicest person and do everything right, but there will always be at least one person who is ready to point fingers at you and tell you just how wrong you are.

Yes, retail workers are in the business of service; but that doesn't mean they're beneath anyone.

Yes, retail workers signed up for this; but just because they work in retail, doesn't make it right for customers to exploit their commitment to service.

And NOthe customer isn't always right.

Here are 15 things that annoy retail employees the mostwhether they should be complaining about them or not:

1. When a customer completely obliterates a pile of shirts that you literally just finished folding.

Right beside you too.

2. When a customer throws a fit because you won't accept her coupon that expired 10 years ago.

You. Can't. Use. This.

3. When a customer complains about the prices as if you made them.

You can try Sears.

4. When customers walk in 2 minutes before the store is about to close.

And they ignore you when you tell them the store is closing for the night...

5. When a customer gets mad because you won't let her return items that were clearly already used.

Sorry, we cannot accept your used laundry.

6. When a customer holds up a line because they ran to get something they forgot to bring to the register.

Lady they are bringing out the pitchforks get back here NOW!

7. When you just finished ringing up all of a customer's items and she tells you she doesn't want any of it any more.

You're allowed to be indecisive, but that doesn't mean it's not annoying.

8. When customers leave a pile of clothes on the floor in the change rooms, or stuff things they don't want anymore in random shelves.

Oh wow, what a lovely surprise, I love it. Thank you so much. How thoughtful of you.

9. When customers think raising their voices will make you give into their demands.

Yell as loud as you want, Susan. I'm not giving you my employee discount.

10. When there's genuinely no more stock of an item in the back room and you get blamed for not looking hard enough.

What about "This item is out of stock" do you not understand?

11. When you're stopped by a customer right when you're about to take your break.

Sorry Louise, you don't exist to me in these next 15 minutes.

12. When a customer taps you on the shoulder to get your attention.

I suggest you keep your distance, Martha.

13. When a customer pays with a bill that's been sitting in her sweaty bra all day.

You nasty.

14. When a customer tells you the prices are wrong.

But the signage says otherwise...

15. When a customer's card gets declined and they tell you your machine doesn't work.

Girl the machine ain't broke... You are.✌️

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