If you haven't noticed, it's Fall and this time of year means that cuffing season is in full swing. If you yourself have been on the hunt for someone to go on cute Fall bucket list dates with, you probably have a fuckboy story or two under your belt this season already. Everyone needs a break from fuckboys and their antics the dating game every so often.

So regardless of whether you are single and ready to mingle or are content with remaining single this season, you should definitely consider gathering your friends for a girls night out! Whether you want a pamper day or a wild night out with your best friends, we've got everything that you could possibly be looking for to include in your fuckboy free night!

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Old School // 800 Dundas St W 

What's a girl's day without brunch? If you want a great meal that is going to feed your stomach and your eyes this is definitely the place to visit! You've got tons of options from savory to sweet and everything on the menu is IG worthy- it's a match made in heaven!

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Colette Grand Cafe // 550 Wellington St 

If you are looking for breakfast or brunch but want it in a more posh setting, definitely gather your friends and head over to Colette. The spot feels like it's straight out of Paris and the food is incredible!

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Patois // 794 Dundas St W 

Patois is great if you are looking for a more eccentric spot. This spot features some serious tropical vibes and delicious dishes that will keep you coming back (I personally recommend getting anything with a pineapple bowl because why wouldn't you get something that comes in a pineapple!)

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La Société // 131 Bloor St W 

La Société is another swanky spot if you are your girlfriends are feeling bougie. From the extensive wine list to the delicious brunch you've got every meal to pick from whether you want to dine in style for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or maybe all three!)

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Figo // 295 Adelaide St W 

Figo is a great place to visit with your friends if you have all been craving some authentic and delicious Italian food. From pizza to pasta they've got everything Italian-esc (ambiance included) that you would desire, and they do it well.

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Hey Lucy Cafe // 229 Carlton St 

If you haven't been to Hey Lucy before, the name is probably going to throw you off. You definitely aren't going to be sipping tea at this spot. This spot hosts wood-fired pizzas and other great eats that you can eat either indoors or on the patio. The best part is they've also got killer martinis and even better martini deals going on throughout the week, so make sure to check which day is the best to get a good buzz for cheap!

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Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St W 

Dance Cave is always a great time, considering they actually play Ariana Grande 'Top 40' and take requests, you are guaranteed to be able to dance and sing along to whatever girl-power anthem you have always wanted to hear in the club. Plus you can wear sneakers, this is a definite plus.

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Shameful Tiki Room // 1378 Queen St W 

You can never go wrong with a tropical theme, especially when it comes to a girls night out. Seriously though, Shameful Tiki Room is so much fun, from great food and fun drinks to karaoke nights it is literally a girls night out straight from the movies!

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Lipstick & Dynamite // 992 Queen St W 

Drinks, board games and pinball? Sign me up! This place is great if you want to go out and have some more fun apart from just drinking, but also don't want to dress up. Show up in whatever you'd like and enjoy the fun with your best friends by your side!

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Lost and Found // 577 King St W 

If you are looking to dress up and get a more "typical" clubbing experience, then check out Lost and Found. The atmosphere is always lively and fun and you are guaranteed to have a great night (if you remember it that is).

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Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King St W 

If you want more of a relaxed day with your friends and want to be pampered, definitely check out Her Majesty's Pleasure. Not only does the venue have an adorable neon sign but they also offer a great spa service. From head to toe you can get everything and anything done at this spot while enjoying a drink-plus they offer group packages, so make sure you invite as many friends as you'd like!

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XO Karaoke // *in the process of relocating

You'll have to hold off on visiting this spot considering they are relocating- but they will be reopening soon! This is a great place to hit up with your best friends once the new location is opened. The original boasted 600,000 + songs for you to belt out (sober or not), so who knows what the newer location has in store for you and your friends!

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Brass Vixens // 577 Yonge St 

If you are looking to get outside your comfort zone, or if this kind of thing is completely in your comfort zone, Brass Vixens is definitely something to consider for your next girls night out. Whether you end up being a great pole dancer or are absolute crap at it, you are guaranteed at least a hilarious night out!

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Archery District // 770 Birchmount Rd 

If you and your friends want to do something more sporty, then you should definitely consider archery tag! Not only is it a great idea in general, but after working up a sweat you can always grab some cheap eats and drinks to cap the night off!

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BATL // 33 Villiers St 

Archery not your thing but you still want to throw something? BATL is definitely a good idea, who doesn't like to throw an axe?! Whether you are picturing the target as the face of the last fuckboy who screwed you over or are just there for the fun of it, it's a great place to work off some pent up anger!

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Old Mill Spa // 87 School St 

Another great place for spa-services that has a more traditional vibe is the Old Mill Spa. Not only does the location have a calming ambiance but they also offer some pretty extensive services if you and your friends are down to spend the extra money!

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Real Escape Game // 76 Stafford St 

Escape rooms are always a great idea! Especially if you are hitting one up with all of your girlfriends, while there is definitely an extensive list of escape rooms for you to choose from around the city, this one is known to host some pretty challenging rooms!

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The Ballroom Bowl // 145 John St 

Who doesn't love bowling?! Pair the well known and loved activity with drinks and great food and you've got yourself a great night out with your friends!

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SPIN // 461 King St W 

Spin is another great place to consider if you are looking for something fun to do with friends. Not only can you play pong, but you can also grab a few pints in between games! Whether you choose to play doubles or have a mini tourney or your own, it's guaranteed to be a great time!