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The 20 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Toronto 2015

What do vegetarians even eat anyways?
The 20 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Toronto 2015

A lot of people think that when you go vegetarian, you basically limit yourself from going out to restaurants.  Because, like what would you even order?  A salad without chicken?

Actually, it's not as restrictive as you would think to follow a sustainable diet.  And you don't have to be eating "rabbit food" all the time either.  Luckily, Toronto has a plethora of options for these lifestyles.  And they all look delicious.  There following are 20 of the city's favourite meatless spots:

Photo via @leahsfeildnotes 

1. Hibiscus // 238 Augusta Ave

Type: Vegetarian eatery specializing in crepes, salads and non-dairy ice cream

Photo via @pat_murphy

2. Vegetarian Haven //17 Baldwin Street

Type: Asian-influenced vegan food

Photo via @xa2nna

3. Woodlot //293 Palmerston Ave

Type: Canadian comfort food offering a separate, vegetarian menu

Photo via @_mexie_

4. Grasshopper  // 310 College Street

Type: Globally inspired vegetarian recipes

Photo via @joycieh

5. Kupfert & Kim // First Canadian Place, 100 King St West

Type: Wheatless and meatless

Photo via @hogtownvegan

6. The Hogtown Vegan // 1056 Bloor St West

Type: Vegan comfort food

Photo via @twoheadedgrrrl

7. Buddha's Vegetarian Foods //666 Dundas St West

Type: Vegetarian Chinese food

Photo via @urban_herbivoreto

8. Urban Herbivore // 64 Oxford Steet

Type: Vegan, house-pressed juice + gluten-free, vegan treats

Photo via @loveveglife

9. Fresh Restaurants // Four Locations

Type: Vegetarian and vegan + made-to-order juice

Photo via @purrfectpineapples

10. Annapurna //1085 Bathurst Street

Type: Vegetarian and vegan South Indian dishes

Photo via @kale_and_krunches

11. Bolt Fresh Bar //1170 Queen St West

Type: Fresh juice, grain bowls and made-to-order salads

Photo via @catlemay_makeup

12. Porter House //1321 Dundas St West

Type: Brit-style vegan pub

Photo via @liveorganicfood

13. Live Organic Food Bar //264 Dupont Street

Type: Plant-based, organic, gluten and refined sugar-free.

Photo via @astrokittyy

14. Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen //1262 Danforth Ave

Type: Thai- & Malaysian-inspired vegetarian

Photo via @torisbakeshop

15. Tori's Bakeshop // 2188 Queen Street East

Type: Vegan, gluten and refined sugar-free organic baked goods

Photo via @meganstulberg

16. Loving Hut //140 Spadina Ave

Vegan, organic, peanut/nut free Vietnamese and Chinese food

Photo via @sherabm

17. Rawlicious //Three Locations

Type: Raw and vegan

Photo via @rennens

18. One Love Vegetarian // 854 Bathurst Street

Type: Vegan, Caribbean rotis, curries & renowned corn soup

Photo via @clare_cheung

19. Tenon Vegetarian Cuisine // 8362 Kennedy Rd, Markham

Type: Faux sushi & other vegan Japanese fare

Photo via @katehavord

20. Karine's //109 McCaul Street

Type: Vegetarian and vegan all-day breakfast

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