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Toronto snapped, filtered and posted it's way through summer with bikini clad females, shirtless males, music festivals, beach trips, MORE beach trips and ice cream sandwiches.

But fall? It's all about #fashion, #foliage and the #muthaf#$kingJays.

Torontonians are original in so many other ways; we're allowed to be a little cliche in our photo taking. So go forth my little amateur photographers and Valencia the crap out of autumn.

These are the 20 pictures that will inevitably flood your Instagram feed in Toronto this fall.

Photo cred - @alex_the_pretty_good

1. The “Holy Jesus is this actually happening?!” Blue Jays playoff game at Rogers Centre picture.

Assuming the Jays don’t spectacularly crash and burn in the next couple of weeks, (knock on ALL the wood) October 6, 2015 will mark the first time since 1993 that our BJs have made the playoffs.

That’s a whopping 22 years guys! You think your Instagram feed gets a lot of Blue Jays action now? There is NOTHING like this city when one of our sports teams makes it to the playoffs. Prepare for a constant assault on the senses in the form of a blue and white bird logo. Shit is about to get realllllyyyy bandwagoney.

Photo cred - @foodiechow

2. The, “Mmmm this ice cream is still delicious even in 15 degree weather” snap.

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, if there’s one thing people like to take pictures of, it’s piled-high, teetering-over desserts. Just in time to feed this addiction (pun intended) Sweet Jesus finally opened at King and John on September 11th, and has already been burning up Instagram. Those not willing to brave its ridiculously long lines will continue to opt for old school Instagram favorites like Bang Bang Ice Cream or Dutch Dreams.

3. The #ootd photo.

The #ootd may not be Toronto-specific, but we’re a trendy little city that loves our fashion. And we REALLY like standing in front of white walls or walking completely unnaturally down the street or standing in front of favorably-angled full length mirrors to take pictures and show the world what we’re wearing on a day-to-day basis.

Take one over-sized sweater, one pair of ripped jeans and one floppy hat and you have yourself a recipe for a fall photo fiesta. Get ready Instagram, there’s going to be a lot of wedge boots in your future.

4. The, “I always sprawl on the cold hard ground at Trinity Bellwoods for a spontaneous, outdoor picnic” shot.

Unless said picnic is accompanied by three bottles of red wine and about 16 shots of whiskey to keep us warm, most of us would opt out of having our dinner with a side of strong crosswinds. But hey, most of us also don’t completely comprehend the power of fall foliage; Torontonians get in a real tizzy over red and orange leaves. The picture potential almost makes the subsequent three hour defrost worth it.

5. The #Sundaze pumpkin spiced latte on Queen West photo.

The yearly PSL apocalypse is coming, and no city can escape from it. If Columbus had Instagram when he discovered America, I imagine it would have been a lot like an 18-25 year old woman discovering a pumpkin spiced latte for the first time. And lucky you, my little city kid, get front row tickets to the exclamations of surprise, wonder and elation all in tiny square photo form.

The PSL = a basic bitch orgasm in a cup.

6. The “I’m repping Toronto in another country” pic.

Most of us loved Toronto before Drake made it cool. But Toronto has really picked up speed in terms of being an internationally talked-about city; in short, loving this city is really trending right now. So now, regardless of where you go in the world, people are rocking their Toronto gear hard. Sure us Canadians love to travel, but we also love to let people know what we call home.

7. The Toronto vs. Everybody t-shirt picture.

Toronto is becoming its own brand, and other brands are starting to capitalize on the inherent love our residents have for this rad city. The Peace Collective’s “Toronto vs. Everybody” and “Home is Toronto” styles have been popping up in photos EVERYWHERE, and with their fall line including a Letterman Jacket and men’s and women’s sweaters you’re sure to start seeing these bad boys inundating your Instagram feed in a big way.

8. The highly original #FallFashion snap in front of a Kensington graffiti wall.

This is basically an extension of the classic #ootd photo, but with an added urban edge. Because graffiti really helps bring out that shade of jeggings you're wearing.

Photo cred - @thee_urbanist

9. The red-sunset-with-the-CN-Tower-in-the-background photo.

It doesn’t matter how many of these you see: one beautiful sunset + one silhouette of the CN Tower = a guaranteed 50 likes. No matter how tough an outside facade we try to rock, all of us are just turned to mushy piles of fall scarves in the face of a really good sunset.

10. The, “I swear I bought this $300 Hudson's Bay Blanket and wrapped it around me in High Park just because its comfortable” picture.

The Bay mugs and throws and scarves and jackets and hats are going to spread like wildfire this fall/winter. And no matter how many times they use the hashtag #vintage, we all know they paid full price for that stuff and are taking pictures all curled up and cozy in their gear inside because they spent all their money on decor and can't afford the outside world


11. The, “I escaped the city just in time for the cooler weather to hit and now I’m on a beach bitches” shot.

You hate these people, I hate these people; they even hate themselves a little. But we all do it. We all jump on beaches and hashtag #toughdayattheoffice and #lifeishard while knowing full well people back home are dealing with layers and grey skies.

Why do we do it? We do it because, after much academic research on the matter, its been concluded that we’re all teetering around being 20% asshole.

12. The leaves-on-the-ground-because-it’s-autumn photo.

Also known as, “I haven’t posted a photo in over a week and don’t like the way I look today so here’s a filler picture."

13. The “I dressed my dog in the basic white bitch uniform and isn’t it HILARIOUS?!” photo.

Puppies LOVE wearing layers and tiny replica UGG boots!...No they don’t and you’re a ridiculous human being. But I’m going to like this photo anyway, because Goddamn it that pup is cute.

14. The "#HungoverCaesar at Rock Lobster that proves I can get mangled on a Saturday and manage to be trendy on a Sunday" picture.

Because no one actually takes a photo of themselves on a Sunday; we’re all still wearing yesterdays outfit with yesterday’s hair and that Caesar is probably the only thing between us and certain death.

#SundayFunday doesn’t end with summer, and hats being really in this fall makes it that much easier to crawl out of bed and into the nearest brunch spot.

15. The Oh-No-please-don’t-let-it-be-but-yes-it-actually-is-a-girl-in-a-pumpkin-patch photo.

You know she had to go all the way to Markham/Oshawa/Barrie to score this bad boy, and I assure you, she didn’t actually buy a pumpkin. She did probably, however, buy a pumpkin spice latte, have a spontaneous orgasm from it, spill some on her ripped jeans, and have to clean it up with her large knitted scarf.

16. The, “We’re having the time of our lives in front of this exposed brick wall in the Distillery District” picture.

So rustic. Also, you can’t even argue with this photo because everyone really does look better in front of a brick wall. There’s a reason you can’t step 10 feet in any direction in the Distillery District without falling over a bride and groom taking their wedding snaps. It’s a wicked part of the city, the lighting is always flattering and it makes for one great photo op.

Photo cred - @mindylife

17. The, “I’ve over-worn my Jays gear this summer so I’m going to start rocking my Raptors/Leaf’s swag in Preseason” snap.

There’s plenty of room in all the bandwagons; no need to pick just one.

18. The “I don’t really understand this Nuit Blanche art installation but everyone else is taking pictures of it so it must be good” photo.

Rest assured that no one really understands most of what goes on for Nuit Blanche. Sure that 3100 bike installation might be a social commentary on the changing face of modern society, but let’s talk about what’s really important: putting copious amount of Bailey’s in your Tim Horton’s coffee and staying up all night wandering the city.

19. The, “I need another excuse to take a photo of my dog and Woofstock IS IT” photo.

Much like the ancient Mayans are known for their advanced language skills and ability to carve hieroglyphics into stone, our civilization will forever be remembered for dressing tiny dogs in miniature outfits. No where is this more omnipresent than at Woofstock, the largest outdoor dog festival in North America.

So many puppies, so many potential ensembles.

With a whopping 200,000 attendees expected that’s a lot of tiny bowties, tutus and neon pink fur photos to double tap on Instagram.

20. The, “I don’t have to wear a bathing suit anymore so I’m going to go back to pretending to eat this three-tiered burger from Burger’s Priest” photo.

#Youdidnoteatthat has to be one of those most genius accounts/hashtags created on Instagram because it is just SO ACCURATE. Who’s Instagram isn’t inundated with incredibly fit men and women “eating” pizza, burgers, dessert and fries?

We’ve all suspected that 90% of the time, once the camera phone is put away, this fatty food is immediately thrown on the ground or burned in a ritual sacrifice to the calorie gods.

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