We all have our own reasons for choosing the university we go to (or went to). Maybe in your research you discovered that your school of choice has the best reputation in all of Canada, or the most lively student culture, or specialized programs that you can't find at any other school. Or, maybe you just thought the campus was pretty.

Okay, so that may not have been the primary driver of your decision, but it may have still contributed to it. Here are 22 of the most beautiful university campuses in Canada, in no particular order (pictures may not be of the entire campus):

1. Grant MacEwan University (Alberta)

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2. Mount Royal University (Alberta)

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3. University of British Columbia (British Columbia)

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4. Royal Roads University (British Columbia)

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5. Simon Fraser University (British Columbia)

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6. University of Manitoba (Manitoba)

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7. Université de St. Boniface (Manitoba)

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8. St. Thomas University (New Brunswick)

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9. Memorial University of Newfoundland (Newfoundland and Labrador)

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10. Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia)

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11. University of King’s College (Nova Scotia)

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12. Acadia University (Nova Scotia)

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13. St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia)

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14. University of Toronto (Ontario)

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15. University of Western Ontario (Ontario)

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16. University of Ottawa (Ontario)

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17. Queen’s University (Ontario)

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18. McGill University (Quebec)

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19. Université de Montreal (Quebec)

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20. Université Laval (Quebec)

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21. Bishop’s University (Quebec)

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22. University of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan)

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