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The 30 Best Food Spots In Toronto On UberEats If You're Lazy AF

UberEats has become wildly popular across the globe and if you haven't already jumped on it, what's wrong with you? With Toronto being such a big city, the options on UberEats are practically endless, but they do vary depending on what area of the city you are in. Luckily you for, you'll be able to find the best spots in each area of the city whether you are ordering during your lunch break or looking for some late night eats! 

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Kensington Market

Liberty Village

Distillery District

Financial District

Entertainment District


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Kensington Market

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Old School 

The ultimate Toronto brunch spot delivers, yea you heard me right! You can get the iconic blueberry hill pancakes as well as dozens of other brunch options that will leave both your stomach and your eyes satisfied without even having to leave your house!

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Burgers are never a bad idea, especially if you are ordering from Rashers. They do staple burger favourites and they do them well. Even if you aren't in the mood for a burger, I would definitely check out their apple and maple grilled cheese- it's incredible!

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Basil Box 

Basil Box is a great healthy and gluten free option if you want to feel a little less bad about ordering in! They offer a good amount of options when it comes to their food bowls, but if there's one you should prioritize trying out, it's definitely the chili lime shrimp box!

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Elephant and Castle 

Elephant and Castle is the perfect place to order from if you are craving some comfort food made bar-style without actually having to go out to a bar. Apart from their burgers you should definitely check out both the braised lamb and fish tacos!

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For The Love of Cake 

For The Love of Cake will satisfy your cravings with all the options they offer. From their dulce de leche cheesecake (which you need to try) to their cakeballs, cupcakes and butter tarts. The options are quite literally endless!

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Calii Love 

Poké bowls have been all the rage as of late, and Calii Love has especially been a hot spot in the city. Luckily for you, you can avoid the lines by just ordering a poke bowl online! Whether you want a classic or want to get creative and build your own- the perfect poké bowl is only an order away!

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The Pie Commission 

The Pie Commission offers the best pies in the city, trust me when I say that. They offer some pretty unique variations on the standard pie as well with options such as beef 'n' beer, smokey steak and cheese, and their most popular: braised beef rib.

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Liberty Village 

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Gloryhole Donuts 

Who doesn't love donuts?! Gloryhole is a pretty popular spot in the city, and now you don't even have to trek to grab some! Whether you are ordering them for your stomach or for a pic for the 'gram, make sure to include some lemon ricotta donut holes in your order, you won't regret it.

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Garden Gangsters 

If you are looking for something more healthy, Garden Gangsters is the place to order from! They've got amazing avacado toast (listed as pumelled avocado) as well as the perfect breakfast bowls to start your day!

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Old School

The ultimate Toronto brunch spot delivers, yea you heard me right! You can get the iconic blueberry hill pancakes as well as dozens of other brunch options that will leave both your stomach and your eyes satisfied without even having to leave your house!

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Ali Baba's 

I mean if you are from the city you already know this spot offers some pretty amazing shawarma. Whether you are ordering late at night or just want a good old shawarma fix during your break on shift- this spots a no brainer for your next order on UberEats!

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Distillery District

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Loaded pierogi 

Who doesn't love pierogis?! Especially when they're delivered to your doorstep. Their most popular item on the menu is the smoking pig roast pierogi that has chedder cheese pierogis that are topped with pulled pork!

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True True Pizza 

If you are looking for some pizza beyond typical chains, True True Pizza is the spot you should choose! Some of the pizzas that they offer that are the most popular are the aristocrat with is topped with tomato, mozzarella, garlic, pesto, argula and extra virgin olive oil. You can also get a salad if you choose, the chop chop salad is one of their most popular.

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Mi Taco Taqueria

The taco reputation Toronto has in general is a good one, and Mi Taco Taqueria lives up to many Torontonian's expectations. It makes it even better to know that you can get their guac and chips as well as any of their tacos delivered to your door steps!

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Kibo Sushi 

Yea- sushi delivery exists now and I know I'm not the only one super thankful for it. Kibo Sushi offers a ton of different options so whether you are down for a standard california roll or something more unique, they probably are offering it for delivery!

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Financial District

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Urban Herbivore

Urban Herbivore not only offers healthy but also vegan options! You can get some awesome fresh bowls such as the tiger bowl that features spinach, arugula, brown rice, mushrooms, carrots, pesto, broccoli and tons of other good stuff packed inside!

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Souvlaki Express

I mean what is better than souvlaki? Souvlaki Express offers the classic souvlaki dinner you know and love and you won't have to move a muscle apart from going from your living room to your door! It's the perfect pair to a night in with Netflix!

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Butter Avenue 

Satisfy your cravings with a crazy amount of macaroon and tart options that could satisfy any sweets lover!


Burger Factory 

If you are looking for a good ol' burger, Burger Factory is the place to go. They offer a killer philly cheese steak as well as those iconic tornado fries you probably though you were only able to get at The Ex! Luckily for all of us, they're just an UberEats order away.

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Ah, the home of the sushi burrito and burger. If you haven't tried either already, seriously get on that! Both are delicious but if you had to choose one over the other during your next UberEats session, I'd suggest the sushi burger.

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Entertainment District 

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Belly Buster Submarines

I mean, it's in the name. These subs are definitely going to fill you up so if you need to fill up, definitely choose Belly Busters. Some of their most popular options on the menu are their turkey bacon subs as well as their cheese steak subs, but the options are endless as you can make your own however you'd like!

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What A Bagel 

Whether you are hungover and can't move or just can't be bothered to get out of bed for a proper brunch, What A Bagel is the place to order from! They do killer breakfast bagels and omelettes that will cure any morning blues.

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Il Fornello 

Pizza is always the answer, especially when you are stumped on what to order on UberEats. Il Fornello offers classic Italian pizza and they do Magherita and pizza Diavolo (dressed with spicy salami and black olives) like no other, seriously it's so good.

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Village Pizza

Pizza options are important okay?! Village Pizza is another great option if you are looking to mix it up but still want classic pizza that you know and love. They're doughboys as well as their classic pepperoni pizza are both things you should include in your next order!

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Bier Markt

Bier Markt is a pretty popular chain across Toronto and for good reason- the food is always great and theres a ton of options. Thankfully the in-restaurant options are all transferred over to the UberEats menu as well so you've got a ton to choose from! Though if you really want to experience the best they have to offer, next time order their schnitzel or poutine!

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South St Burger

If you are in the mood for a good old classic burger or hot dog but don't have cash for Apache, just order South St on UberEats! You can get a classic beef burger or opt for a grilled chicken burger which is something they do best. If you aren't in the mood for a burger they've also got hot dogs as well as the option to swap burger buns for lettuce!

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La Tortilleria 

Who doesn't love tacos? It doesn't have to be Tuesday for you to order from this spot and they've got a great range of options. Whether you want pork or fish they have all the classic taco options as well as guac and chips to accompany your meal- all delivered right to your door!

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La Veranda Osteria

Nothing beats some good old Italian comfort food, and La Veranda Osteria is the place to order from if you are craving some. You can choose from fresh pizza and pasta or go for loaded salads. Whatever you choose, you are sure to be satisfied but their stand out options on the menu are definitely their pizza and seafood linguine.

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Bake Sale Toronto

If you've got a pesky sweet tooth but can't justify going out to grab a few cupcakes, get UberEats to do it for you! Bake Sale has a massive range of options, from cupcakes and cookies to cakes, macaroons and cake pops theres something that will satisfy any sugar lover!

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State and Main 

State and Main is a newer location in the Etobicoke area but has been a massive hit from the get go. Their teriyaki chicken noodle bowl, mac and cheese and tuna tar tar are to die for, trust me the food is worth the steeper price! With their recent partnership with UberEats you no longer have to worry about waiting for a table!

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