The 5 Best Places To Eat Roti In Toronto

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The 5 Best Places To Eat Roti In Toronto

Roti is available in Toronto in bulk, because of the large number of Indian, Trinidadian, and Caribbean immigrants, and their children, who live in the city, which lead to not only a lot of demand for roti, but to the growth of several roti shops, and restaurant/take-out establishments that sell roti. Because roti is such a popular part of Toronto’s food and beverage industry it’s actually one of the best places in Canada to get high quality roti inexpensively.

Toronto has so many roti shops, as well as restaurants and bars which sell roti, that picking a roti establishment that’s decent quality, and not too pricy can be an extremely overwhelming process. If you're craving roti, Toronto is the best city in Canada to be extremely picky and opinionated about your roti's taste and texture.

1.Bacchus Roti Shop

Bacchus Roti shop is a beloved member of Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood, owned by husband and wife duo, Dick and Sue Bacchus, for more than 30 years. Because Dick and Sue are such veterans at the roti game they really know what they're doing when it comes to making roti that their customers will love. Although their roti has a dry, sandwich like exterior the interior of their roti is satisfyingly flavorful, and they offer a wide variety of meat, shrimp, and vegetarian options. If you're craving something subtlety sweet Sue Bacchus’ homemade Peanut Butter Stars, a flaky peanut butter pastry are an excellent dessert option, if you're not too full from Bacchus’ ultra filling roti, of course! Bacchus is also an extremely relaxed atmosphere to hang out, thanks to its friendly, family-dominated clientele, and its comfortable seating, where top 40 hits are always playing, and Sue Bacchus is always extremely cheerful with all of her customers. Bacchus is also a licensed establishment, with plenty of wine, beer, and cocktail options to choose from.

2. Gandhi Roti

Gandhi Roti is arguable one of the best places in Toronto for Indian Roti take-out. Because there are only a few tables, and the store is small you're highly unlikely to find a find a spot to sit down for a few minutes or more, but it’s a good place to go if you want roti that’s made quickly, because each order takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes, in fact it's even quicker service if you order in advance via phone! Each roti is jam-packed with ingredients, and extremely filling, so come with either a large appetite, or be prepared to have leftovers for a day or two, to look forward to, especially if you're craving their best seller, their butter chicken roti, because we genuinely believe that they literally put an entire chicken in each roti. Although you most likely won't get to sit down, a highlight of the Gandhi Roti experience is the extremely visible kitchen, where you can watch the cooking staff make roti, which will either increase or kick-start your appetite.

3. Butter Chicken Roti

Butter Chicken roti, like its competitor Gandhi Roti, uses an East Indian style roti recipe, and mostly does take-out, but it’s big and friendly enough to also be a nice place to hang out, alone or with friends, and watch the world go by. It has two locations, one on College Street, and its slightly newer location, on Queen Street West. Its best rotis are its Saag (an Indian, cottage cheese and spinach combo) and meat and/or shrimp blended recipes, because the way the Saag is cooked adds a rich, powerful kick to the roti’s overall ingredients. The staff are friendly, the service is extremely quick, and if you don't feel like going outside, they also do delivery via popular websites for ordering food online such as Don't Cook Just Eat, and Order It, and via the following phone number: (416) 972-0505.


4. The Bristol Pub

Although their primary specialty isn’t roti, one of the Bristol Pub’s highlights is its butter chicken roti. The Bristol is a pub, where everything from its food, to its interior, to even its alcohol is inspired by, or based on British culture and recipes. This means that you can easily find English classics such as fish and chips, Indian curry classics that are popular in England, and plenty of UK beer, wine, and cider brands to choose from. Their butter chicken roti takes a vibrantly flavorful Indian, chicken curry, and crams it into a roti shell sandwich. The Bristol is an atmosphere that’s as authentically English as you can possibly get, without leaving Toronto.


5. Island Foods

Island Foods has two locations, the King Street West location, located in the heart of Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood, that’s walking distance from the Canadian National Exhibition grounds, and the Don Mills Road, North York location. Island Foods is an authentically Caribbean approach to roti, and caterer for hire, that caters parties and special events. It’s also a great place to go on a limited budget, because many of its menu items are available for under $10. Island Foods has one of the best chicken and potato, Caribbean style rotis in the city, amidst a relaxed, low-key environment.