Graduating from college and/or University is an incredible accomplishment- kudos to you. One of the strangest things about post-grad life is that first summer after you make it across the stage, degree in hand. You often find yourself falling into that feeling like it's just like any other, that it won't be long before your back in class in the Fall.

Except you won't be going back this time. You're forever finished with the first day of school and every once in a while throughout the warm months that hits you like a fresh and swift kick to the gut followed by these 5 emotional phases.

Stage 1: Let's party!

You did it! It took many a long night but after all the sleep deprivation, the stress infused emotional breakdowns and declined party invitations you are officially a scholar. Just like the start to any summer, you're ready to trade in your backpack for a bikini and your morning caffeine hit for a couple cold Coronas.

Stage 2: I should probably start applying for jobs

A couple weeks in and you get that first reminder that you won't be going back to school in the Fall. Your family seems to keep hitting you with the tough questions like 'what's next for you?' and you find yourself saying 'just going to see how it goes for a bit' or 'just going to enjoy my summer' a whole lot more than you ever thought possible. So the next logical step seems to be applying for jobs, this should be easy right? you're well educated after all.

Stage 3: Omg, how is no one is hiring me?

Turns out, a lot of people are well educated. You find yourself checking to make sure your phone still works and that you provided the proper spelling of your e-mail address on your resume because it's damn near impossible that your phone isn't ringing off the hook with job offers.

Photo cred - RealityTVGifs

Stage 4: It's okay, it's the summer, I'll start panicking in September

Okay, no big deal, It's a summer like any other so you feel like you can just carry on like you would normally until the Fall. You start rationalizing it in your mind as 'this may be my last chance to enjoy a full summer' or 'now is my chance to travel and spend all the money I don't have.'

5. Just Kidding, I'm panicking now

Full fledged panic mode engaged.