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The 7 Best Drinks You Must Have In Toronto

Oh you fancy ah?
The 7 Best Drinks You Must Have In Toronto

Let be honest, we all love to have a drink. Some of us like to get sh*t-faced, while others take their time and **enjoy** a beverage. Why not have a fab cocktail? (virgins can be tasty too?)

Toronto stands high on an international scale for having the best drinking establishments. Our  five-star mixologists work magic - they create lip-smacking cocktails. Save the vodka soda for a ‘let's get wasted’ night and try one of these Toronto’s must-have cocktails:

1. Figo// 295 Adelaide St. W

Crafted with love, for you

Jet Lag - Tlacuache mezcal + aperol +martini bianco + lemon +egg white+ peychaud’s bitters

2. Dbar @ The Four Seasons Yorkville// 60 Yorkville Ave 

Much admired and not easily replicated

The Yorkville Affair - Rose Infused Gin +rose petals+ elderflower liqueur+ white Cranberry

3. The Drake Hotel + Drake One Fifty// 150 York St. 

There’s always something happening at the Drake

Brown Buttered Maple Old Fashioned - Brown butter bourbon+maple syrup+ drops of xocolatl mole bitters+ drops of cigar tincture+orange zest

4. The Shameful Tiki Room// 1378 Queen St. W

It’s time to escape

The Rum Barrel - Appleton v/x+ Bacardi Superior + pernod ricard+ angostura bitters+ lime, pineapple, orange, grapefruit juice + honey syrup + falernum + all spice syrup+lemon hart.

Photocred - The Montauk

5. Montauk// 765 Dundas St.W

Filled with cocktail geeks and restaurant industry types

The Staycation - Tromba blanco+ capo capo+ domaine de canton +lemon juice+agave +apple spiced bitters +apple/cinnamon garnish.

6. Bar Raval// 505 College St

A touch of Barcelona

Bounty Hunter - Lustau los arcos amontillado sherry + lusatu don nuno oloroso sherry+ smith & cross rum + honey syrup+ lemon juice+ black tea jam.

7.The Addisons Residence// 456 Wellington St.W 

Everyone knows the Addisons throw the best parties

Noche Buena -Siempre Tequila Plata + Grand Marnier + lime & pomegranate juice+ agave nectar + tamarind syrup + lime garnish

Which cocktail are you tempted to try? Snapchat us your favourite at narcitytoronto !

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