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The 7 Best Hills For Tobogganing In Toronto

You're never too old for fun in the snow!
The 7 Best Hills For Tobogganing In Toronto

Winter is the time of year that most Torontonians typically do not look forward to. Commuting is worse (as if it wasn't dreadful enough to begin with), wind chills reach unbearable levels and shovelling snow becomes an unavoidable part of your day.

But, despite these loathsome aspects of winter, there are still ways to make the most out of it. One of the best ways to do so is by going tobogganing! Google actually has a great map that lists all the tobogganing hills in Canada. You can check out the map here: The Great Canadian Tobogganing Map.

The map proves that there are several awesome hills around Toronto that are great for taking a slide down on. Here are the best hills to go tobogganing in Toronto:

1. Riverdale Park // 550 Broadview Ave

Riverdale Park has hills that gives you some of the best views of the Toronto skyline. The park also features an outdoor skating rink, perfect for winding down an exhilarating day of tobogganing.

2. Lithuania Park // 155 Oakmount Rd

Lithuania Park has perhaps one of the most epic hills in the Toronto area. A slight curve in the hill makes it a slightly more exciting tobogganing experience.

3. Sir Winston Churchill Park // 301 St. Clair Ave W

Sir Winston Churchill Park has one of the steepest hills in the city. It's perfect for thrill seekers and the adults who are kids at heart.

4. Christie Pits // 779 Crawford Ave W

Christie Pits features three different hills of various slopes. And if those aren't enough, you could always try out the hills at Bickford Park, which is just a little walks away.

Photo cred - schtaffi

5. Trinity Bellwoods Park // 790 Queen St W

Trinity Bellwoods Park is a convenient location for tobogganing. Finish off a great day of winter activities by hitting up some of the spots along Queen St.

6. Adams Park // 2 Rozell Rd

Adams Park in Scarborough offers great hills for tobogganing. It's equipped with bright lights for those who are seeking fun at night.

7.  Crestview Park // 125 Seneca Hill Dr

Crestview Park offers perhaps some of the safest hills. It's a perfect option for those who have young kids in their tobogganing party.

Unfortunately, winter activity bans have been put into place at High Park, Earl Bales Park, and Centennial Park (in Etobicoke). Where was your childhood tobogganing hill? Leave a comment below!

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