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There seems to be some sort of long standing rivalry between Montreal and Toronto, and not just between our NHL teams. Both cities just seem to have a ton of hometown pride and rightfully so, both cities are stacked with beautiful Canadians.

The funny thing about love is that it knows no city limits. Sometimes you just get down and dirty with someone and before you know it you're in to deep to quit it once you find out where they call home and you just need to learn to adapt, not to say that there aren't going to be a few hiccups along the way.

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Deciding What To Eat

Montreal food is a tad more artery clogging, if you will. There are a ton of fast and greasy choices to choose from where as Toronto seems to boast a bit more of a health conscious population. The Montrealer may want a good ol' fashioned massive slice of greasy, barely FDA approved pizza, while the Torontonian may more often than not opt for a big buddha bowl from Fresh.

Where To Live

Hometown pride can be a huge source of massive debate in a Montreal/Toronto relationship. The decision about where to eventually live when it comes to move in that direction of commitment will likely be a tough one. You both want to live in your respective city but long distance relationships can only go so far. So yeah, good luck with that one.

Agreeing On Who To Root For

If you're both into sports or both pretend to be in to sports, Hockey Night in Canada can go from 0-100 real quick. Sometimes its cute and friendly but other times it can get ugly, like if your significants others dad already hates you because of the NHL team you root for.

Two Different Ideas About Spending Money

Toronto is hella' expensive compared to Montreal. The Montrealer of the relationship will hardly be able to lift their jaw off their ground when you tell them how much rent is in our lovely city so be prepared for that conversation.

The Power Of Being Bilingual

Chances are the Montreal half of this relationship knows at least some french, meaning when they are pissed at you or in a room with another bilingual friend they can bitch at/about you in french and you will struggle to understand what the eff they are saying to you or what they might be calling you behind your back in front of your face.

 Deciding Who Gets To Do The Driving

Torotonians have this complex where you think you're a good driver but 9/10 are absolutely not. Montrealers are accustomed to driving a bit faster but there highways are also a wimpy 2, maybe 3, lanes. The Montrealer will always want to do the driving and same with the Torontonian, the best piece of advice is that you should each stick to driving in your respective cities- that way no one gets hurt.

Deciding What To Do On The Weekend

Toronto has a ton of great date options but they can become a bit routine and need to be retired fast, you can only go to Ripley's Aquarium so many times before you develop a relationship with all the sea creatures. In Montreal, it's a lot of eating and drinking and in Toronto it's a lot of sightseeing, so agreeing on plans for the weekend may become a very 'we'll do whatever you want to do' hostage situation.

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