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8 Best Barbershops To Get A Fresh Cut In Toronto

New cut, new man.
8 Best Barbershops To Get A Fresh Cut In Toronto

A man's haircut is of the utmost importance. The somewhat prevailing idea that men don't care about their appearances is indeed a misconceived one. Guys definitely care. In fact, most dudes are probably more vain than most females. The right cut can either make or break an entire look, so it's critical that guys find a barbershop they can trust to keep them on top of their grooming game.

Toronto's barbershop culture has been on the rise as of late. There are countless talented barbers in our city who put modern twists on classic cutting principles. Here are 8 great barbershops in Toronto, in no particular order:

Throne Barbershop // 399 Yonge St

Throne Barbershop operates on the slogan "Crown of Confidence", and that's exactly what you get when you sit in one of their "thrones". They like to call themselves "the Peoples' shop", since quality service and execution is the name of their game. They've serviced various members of the Jays and Raptors as well, and if these athletes (who are always in the public eye) trust their hair with Throne, you know you're in good hands. Enter a man and leave a gentleman with Throne.

Terminal Barber Shop // 594 Bay St

Terminal Barber Shop is the oldest-standing barber shop in Toronto, so this may be a great place for guys looking for the classic experience. Their four antique chairs are a testament to their vintage-ness, and provide an olden-day vibe. The shop has serviced notable figures such as the former Prime Minister and Woody Harrelson.

Garrison’s Barbershop // 254 Niagara St

Garrison's Barbershop approaches barbering with a whole lot of style. The shop is super cool and sleek, and its eclectic team of barbers will make you feel right at home. They offer everything from haircuts to shaves and beard trimming, and also have a cool collection of men's grooming products you can check out.

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Crows Nest Barbershop // 2 Kensington Ave

Crows Nest Barbershop is a well-known name in Toronto. Its boasts a team of 14 talented barbers, and you can choose to book with a particular barber online if you wish. That being said, Crows Nest is place where you're bound connect with a particular barber enough to become a regular client of his or hers.

Hollow Ground Barber Shop // 1053 Bloor St W

Hollow Ground is a five-chair barber shop that features a lot of cool vintage pieces collected over the years by the shop's founders. If you're not much of a talker in the barber's chair, you'll still have the entire shop to look at and keep you occupied. Though, you'll probably end up in conversation anyways, because the barber team is nothing but friendly and the talks are always great.

Onyx Barbers // 219A Yonge St

The Onyx barbers are as passionate about their customers as they are about barbering. Their barber team is talented and consistently provide quality and professional services. On top of this, they offer $7 Tuesdays for guys who want a quality haircut but aren't into spending $20 for it. They also offer free birthday cuts.

Proper Barbers Inc // 73 Kensington Ave

Proper Barbers Inc is a barbershop that's beaming with good vibes. The environment is as "stereotypical barbershop" as it gets, so if you're into that type of playful atmosphere, this is the place for you. The shop also has a small online store that you can check out here.

Little London // 391 Donlands Ave

Little London brings an English flare to the Toronto barbershop culture. The shop has a great laid back atmosphere, and all of the barbers are extremely personable and talented. The shop also sells Crown Shaving Products for guys who are into that old school type of luxury.

Other barbershops that are also topnotch:

  • Blood & Bandages
  • Town Barber
  • Benny's Barbershop
  • The Fitting Room
  • Axe & Hatchet
  • Miami Fades

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