Toronto is possibly the only place where the amount taco consumption rivals the numbers of those in actual Mexico. 

We have adopted this food as our own and have taken it to new heights. Similar to sex, even when tacos aren't that great, they're still pretty good... So we went through the *daunting* task of naming some of our favourites:

Photo cred-@maddyslay 

Wilbur Mexicana// 552 King St W. 

Best Taco: Grilled avocado pineapple salsa, chipotle crema, cotija on a corn torilla.

What else rocks: The 60+ hot sauces to try!

Photo cred- Fredimagazine

El Catrin//18 Tank House Ln 

Best Taco: Baja=Crispy fried cod, beer batter, chipotle lime coleslaw, flour tortilla, chipotle sauce

What Else Rocks: incredible sangria and the best outdoor patio in Toronto.

Photo cred-@jessicahall1293

Seven Lives//69 Kensington Ave 

Best Taco: Gobernador= smoked Marlin, shrimp, cheese!

What Else Rocks: large portions of fresh and zesty ceviche.

Photo cred- @redyshed

La Carnita//780 Queen St E 

Best Taco: Ancho braised cheek, lime avocado, green cabbage, pickled jalapeño & crispy shallots, queso anejo, charred pepper sauce

What Else Rocks: Multiple locations and amazing paletas (ice cream popsicles) with sweet flavours like "Key Lime Pies"

Photo cred- @elcabalito220

El Cabalito//220 King St W

Best Taco: Beet & Chayote Croquette Papalo with arbol chilli, mango crema, cilantro

What Else Rocks: large selection of tequilla...and CHURROS ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!

Photo cred- @daniellejaypea

Grand Electric//1330 Queen St W. 

Best Taco: Pork belly

What Else Rocks: The decor is fun, bright and eccentric...there is a giant shark hanging from the ceiling.

Photo cred-@monicaabadir

El Trompo//277 Augusta Ave

Best Taco: Chorizo sausage

What Else Rocks: Massive margarita... just the way they were supposed to be made!

Photo cred-@tarochipz

Maizal// 133 Jefferson Ave 

Best Taco:Cecina=3 Salted steack tacos topped with black beans, caramelized onions, and crema.

What Else Rocks: Super authentic, with interesting plates to try like the cactus salad.