Chances are if you're still living at home with mom and dad, you might be staying there for a little while longer as Toronto rent prices just keep climbing and climbing.

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PadMapper, a site dedicated to renting apartment, recently conducted a rent report that named Toronto is the second most expensive city in Canada when it comes to rent. The average cost of a one bedroom rental has reached $1,500 monthly...

Feel free to take a break from reading to shed a few tears. Don't worry, we totally understand.

Now that you've collected yourself, let's continue: last month the number was $1, 430 so that roughly a 4.9% increase. Getting a roommate won't help much either, because to average price of two bedrooms has risen 4.4% to $1,900 monthly, according to the site.

If it gives you any peace of mind, Vancouver is still the most expensive place to rent with the average one bedroom rent being $1,800.