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The Best And Worst Things About Being Single During University

With cuffing season just about to start, you might be feeling a little pressure to find a partner to go on fall dates with if you're single in university. From Instagram to Twitter, couples are everywhere and even if you love being single you'd be lying if you haven't considered a relationship at some point in your life. While being in a relationship while still in school can be great, there are just as many great things about being single, as well as just as many bad things associated with both. 

From the frustration or hilarity of using dating apps to the awkward first date phase of a relationship, to finally getting butterflies when you meet someone you click with, there are just so many things that make being single in university a memorable experience. And not for nothing, if all else fails you at least end up having some great stories to tell and wild nights out with your gal pals to enjoy. 

So whether you are single and proud or looking for a potential bae this cuffing season, if you are or ever have been single in university, you are definitely going to identify with the best and worst things that come with the relationship status... or lack thereof!

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Best: Being able to spend tons of time with your friends!

Worst: If your friend is in a relationship themselves, you get a little lonely or are the constant third-wheel. 

One of the greatest things about being single is that you have all the time in the world to hang out with your friends and family! Whether it's going out in the city or grabbing brunch the morning after, some of your fondest memories while in university are going to come from those wild nights out with your friends! At the same time though, if one of your friends is in a relationship, it can make you think about your relationship status a lot more than you would if they were single. Plus, third wheeling can really blow sometimes. 

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Best: You can party guilt-free!

Worst: Your non-single friends continuously try to set you up. 

No need to worry about anything apart from what you are going to wear out to the bar! Nothing is worse than going out and being the only one in a relationship, so being single with all your single friends is a major pro to not being tied up in university. Though, if you've got non-single friends who are a little too invested in the idea if you going on a double date with them and their partner, it can get pretty annoying. 

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Best: You don't have to sit through an awkward obligatory family dinner where you introduce your S/O.

Worst: Getting asked at every family gathering why you're still single. 

If there's anything worse that comes with being in a relationship in general it's the awkward first meeting with the family. So if you're single, you don't have to worry about it because there is nobody to show to your family! Though, it can be annoying AF when you are constantly asked why you aren't with anybody at *insert any and every family event ever.* 

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Best: You can tackle all of the couples Fall bucket lists with your friends!

Worst: Some stuff just isn't as fun as it would be with a S/O. 

Fall bucket lists are the perfect thing to tackle with your friends during the cooler months regardless of whether they are directed at couples or not. Plus they are just as fun as they would be if you took a S/O! At the same time though, there obviously are some things that would be better done with a partner. 

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Best: Hearing your friend's relationship drama and feeling the relief that is knowing you don't have to go through that right now. 

Worst: Hearing your friend's constant.. constant relationship drama.

If there is anything that makes single people glad they are still single more than anything, it's hearing other people's constant relationship problems. It's kind of like a friendly reminder that the relationship life is just not for them right now and that's totally cool. Though, when that reminder is too daily and your friend is complaining about her partner 24/7 to you, that's when it starts to be a pain. 

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