Toronto hosts an incredible foodie scene, but more often than not the popular spots close up after 10 and it seems as though past then you don't have many options. Luckily for you, you couldn't' be more wrong! Not only are there a ton of different restos open, but there's a massive range of foods they serve up! Whether you are looking for 24/7 comfort food, Korean dishes, Chinese or even bagels, we've got you covered! 

Pho Pasteur Restaurant

Where: 525 Dundas St W

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Who doesn't need a hot bowl of pho at a ridiculous time of night every once in a while? Luckily Pho Pasteur gets it and their bowls are available at any time of the day or night! From staples like chicken rice noodle soup to beef noodle, you are guaranteed to be visiting this spot time and time again!


Where: 1132 Dundas St W

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From poutine to pasta to burgers and breakfast, Lakeview has it all for even the pickiest of eaters, 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Plus with their $3 mimosas and $4 caesars, it makes for the perfect place to keep the night alive too!

Vesta Lunch 

Where: 474 Dupont St

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Vesta Lunch hosts a crazy list of sandwiches, open face sammies, burgers and other greasy staples that make for perfect drunk food or late night eats in general! They've even taken their business on wheels so keep your eyes peeled for their food truck!

Perfect Chinese Restaurant 

Where: 4386 Sheppard Ave E

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I mean, it's in the name! Perfect Chinese Restaurant is the perfect place to go to at any hour for great Chinese food. From their extensive soup menu to other iconic dishes like fried chicken and sliced pork, it's a great place to check out 24/7!

Commisso Brothers 

Where: 8 Kincort St

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Commisso serves up classic homey Italian dishes 24 hours a day and has become an iconic bakery in North York. From their hot sandwiches to pasta dishes, they've got everything and anything to satisfy your late night cravings!


Where: 6445 Airport Rd

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Zet's 24-hour menu consists of some serious staples, steak, souvlaki, and burgers. Though those aren't the only options they host considering they boast an impressive all-day breakfast as well as seafood dishes- but they're most notably known for their famous souvlaki!


Where: 200 Victoria St

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Fran's is a city staple, their two locations are constantly swamped with students and locals regardless of the hour, and for good reason. Not only do both locations serve up some local diner vibes, but their all-day breakfast, milkshakes and other menu staples are delicious!


Where: 7 Charles St W

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This adorable cafeé found in Yorkville is 24 years old and is still running as one of the most notable spots for comfort food in Toronto. From pasta, pizza an all-day breakfast and epic salad list to their extensive cocktail and wine list, it makes for the perfect place to hit up with friends!

Huh Ga Ne 

Where: 19 Finch Ave W

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If you are looking for staple Korean eats any time of the day or night, Huh Ga Ne is going to be your new favourite place! You can order a Korean BBQ so you can cook up your own eats or just get it made to order!

The Bagel House 

Where: 158 Bayview Ave

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The Bagel House boasts tons of locations across the city, and for the most part, they are all 24/7. From their bagel salads to breakfast bagels, you can get practically anything sandwiched between two bagel halves, and it's absolutely delicious!