There are a lot of preconceived notions about stoners - That they're lazy, unmotivated, possibly on the unintelligent side, and that they don't believe in deodorant. But we know that these are just negative stereotypes that don't necessarily ring true for every single person who smokes weed, 'cause you know, everyone's different. But it cannot be denied that there are some benefits of dating someone who smokes weed on the reg, especially if that someone happens to be a lady.

I've been told that we're awesome because they're supposed to be super chill (duh, right?), are down to pig out on junk food with you, and are probably more open minded than the average schmuck. But stoner chicks are as hard to come by as a rare Pokemon, so if you find yourself talking to one, you should try to leave a lasting impression on her. So take a look at our awesome list of cool date ideas that are sure to impress your stoner sweetheart.

Go to the ROM

100 Queens Park

Obviously you should have talked to her enough by now to know whether or not this would be a suitable date idea for the two of you - the museum could be a stellar date idea, but it obviously all depends on her interests. If you know for a fact that she's down and excited by the idea, congrats, 'cause you may have just pulled off the perfect first date. So roll up a fatty, head over to Queen's Park (which just happens to be conveniently located down the street from the ROM) and get blitzed before you begin your museum date. Now you both can wander around one of the largest museums in North America, high as kites. There's tons to see: mummies, minerals and meteorites, a sweet natural history section full of birds and animals from around the world, and of course, the coolest part - the dinosaurs. You guys can discuss space, time, and the frailty of human existence. Show her how deep you are, bro.


Ripley's Aquarium

288 Bremner Blvd.

Another flawless idea, the aquarium already makes for a nice non-stoned date idea - but getting blitzed right before venturing inside just takes it to another level. Just think of all the cool underwater things you're gonna be looking at! It's like actually being in another world. You'll have no shortage of things to look at, talk about or be entertained by. Just wait till you reach the section that allows you to touch the baby sharks and sting rays. It'll be too much for her to handle. Insert the "heart eyes" emoji here.


Photo cred - Yoshito Joshua

Picnic In High Park

1873 Bloor St W.

I won't start this off by making a bad pun about getting high in High Park, even though I really want to. This is a classic and super cute date idea. High Park is lovely and just big enough to have a nice little stoned adventure in. Lay in the grass, walk through the paths (the hidden ones too, of course), chill by the lake, go visit the infamous Toronto peacock at the High Park Zoo - there's tons to do and see.


Stargaze By The Lake

I mean, if you can even see the stars, that is...The point is you can try. Grab a blanket, pull on a sweater, grab the kush, and post up at your fav spot by the lake - whether it be around Sunnyside, the Islands or Scarborough Bluffs. Pull out some speakers and impress her with your dope taste in music (fingers crossed you have one though, that's all on you).

Photo cred - Paperblog

Head To One Of Toronto's Best AYCE Restaurants

After a successful date getting stoned with your significant other, you should treat her to some top notch munchies. Grab lunch or dinner at one of the city's best AYCE returaunt options - we've got tons to choose from depending on your mood! First choice on my list is Noka Sushi in the Annex. Sushi is a fool proof dinner date option, 'cause let's face it, (for the most part) bitches love sushi. If you're not feeling that though, there's always Poutineville (all you can eat poutine, for those with serious munchies), the standard Korean Grill, and Little India ('cause Indian food is everything).

Chill Around Kensington Market

This is probably one of the best hangout spots for stoners in the city already, so you can definitely pull off a cool date in Kensington. There's no shortage of sweet spots to grab food or drinks and on the weekend you're sure to see some live music and awesome street vendors. Get high at the Hot Box Cafe on their back patio and then head over to Spadina to gorge on cute little dessert thingys in China Town.

Watch A Free Movie Outside

Free stuff is the best stuff. This summer there are a couple options to catch free movie screenings around the city: There's City Cinema every Tuesday night at YDS, the Christie Pits Film Festival on Sundays (they're playing Mean Girls on August 2, remember, bitches love Mean Girls), and Free Flicks at the Harbourfront Centre every Wednesday. So bring some weed brownies, your blankets, snacks, and get your cuddle on while half-paying attention to the awesome free movie in front of you. This makes for an awesome double/group date idea too.