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The 12 Best Places To Go For Karaoke In Toronto

You betta sang.
The 12 Best Places To Go For Karaoke In Toronto

We've all fantasized about being superstars at one point or another. Even at a young age we had fame and fortune in our sight lines. And though anything is possible, the chances of that dream coming true are so slim that it might as well be considered impossible anyway. Reality crushed us with the weight of an anvil as soon as we grew up.

Nevertheless, some of us still cling on to the fantasy and even nourish it from time to time. One of the best ways to do that is by going to karaoke! Sing your heart out at these private and staged karaoke venues:

 Private Karaoke

If you're shy singing around strangers but you're craving to belt a song out, book a private room for you and your friends! These karaoke bars are decked out with booming sound systems and a large selection of songs (often in multiple languages). If you've got the money, you could also add booze into the mix for an amazing time. Prices for private karaoke rooms in Toronto tend to be a little pricey, so if you plan on making a trip to one of these venues, make sure to 1) split with friends and 2) beef up your wallets.

Studio Lounge Karaoke // 4901 Yonge St

Studio Lounge Karaoke has themed private rooms throughout the venue. They also have special deals for corporate parties, birthdays and more.

  • Small Room (6 people): $30/hr
  • Medium Room (15 people): $50/hr
  • VIP Room (25 people): $80/hr

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XO Karaoke // 693 Bloor St W

Don't let the exterior fool you - XO Karaoke is a whole lot of fun. Located in Koreatown, this karaoke bar offers private rooms and a selection of over 500,000 English and Asian songs.

  • Small Room: $25/hr
  • Medium Room: $45/hr
  • Discounts available with VIP card

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Bar+ Karaoke Lounge // 360 Yonge St #2

Bar+ has beautiful private rooms and a great bar selection. They even have a downloadable app so you can save your favourite songs and queue them on the machine right from your phone.

  • Small Room (5 people): $25/hr ( first come first serve on Friday and Saturday nights)
  • Medium Room (15 people): $40/hr ($50 security deposit required for Fridays & Saturdays for 3+ hrs)
  • Large Room (30 people): $50/hr ($56.50 security deposit required for Fridays and Saturdays)

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8090 KTV // 530 Dundas St W

8090 KTV has some of the most stunning private karaoke rooms in Toronto. They have a wide selection of songs in various languages, as well as snacks to keep you energized throughout the night.

  • Call 647-973-8090 for room rates.

Photo cred - Freezone Karaoke

Freezone Karaoke // 721 Bloor St W

Freezone Karaoke has more of a 'basement feel'. Nevertheless, something about it is still charming, and it's an option for those who don't care much about ambience.

  • Small Room (4 people): $20/hr
  • Large Room (15 people): $60/hr

Stage Karaoke

Stage karaoke is for those who like the thrill of performing in front of a live crowd. Usually, all it takes is little liquid courage and you're good to go! Check out these daily spots for a great night of karaoke:

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Sneaky Dee’s (Monday) // 431 College St

Sneaky Dee's is the place to be on Mondays for karaoke. Enjoy the company of hosts Bear Mad Love and John Joseph Pitts as well as $3 drinks and no cover before 11 pm.

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Baby Huey (Tuesday) // 70 Ossington Ave

Coincidentally, Baby Huey used to be a Vietnamese karaoke bar. You'll find a lot of cool kids hanging out here. A bar full of drunk singing hipsters always makes for an interesting night.

Bambi’s (Wednesday) // 1265 Dundas St W

A lot of really good singers drop by Bambi's on Wednesday. Even if you're not down to sing on stage yourself, sitting in to hear local, unheard talent is always a pleasure.

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Fox and Fiddle (Thursday) // 280 Bloor Street W

There are actually 3 Fox and Fiddle establishments that hold karaoke nights on Thursdays. The one on Bloor West, however, also holds karaoke nights almost every night.

Photo cred - The Office Pub

The Office Pub (Friday) // 117 John St

The Office Pub is a great place to make friends. No matter what sounds come out of your microphone, your performance will always be followed with roaring cheers because the Office Pub crowd is just so live.

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Spirits Bar & Grill (Saturday) // 642 Church St

I know it's not a competition, but the singers that show up to Spirits on karaoke night Saturdays are sometimes so good they make it seem like it is. Enjoy great live music as well as amazing drink deals on Saturday.

Toby’s Pub and Eatery (Sunday) // 411 College St

Having work the next day is no excuse to skip out on Sunday karaoke nights at Toby's Pub and Eatery! Enjoy choosing from an online catalogue of updated songs.

Which karaoke bars did we miss?

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