It's no secret that Toronto is chalked full of amazing restaurants but when it comes to hot dogs, Burlington might have us beat.  Sure, a hot dog isn't the most glamorous of meals, but it's pretty hard to resist these hot dogs once you see a couple drool worthy pictures.

Easterbrooks Hot Dog Stand is located in Burlington Ontario, about half an hour outside of Toronto.  They are known for their seriously delicious 12-inch hot dogs, and their awesome topping combinations.  And yes - they do offer a veggie dog option.

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Since 1930 they have served well over 1650 miles of hot dogs, and if that doesn't put into perspective how popular this place is, I don't know what will. Apart from hot dogs Easterbrook's also offers fries, onion rings and a vast array of ice cream in the summer.

Upon arrival at Easterbrooks you'll see thousands of business cards lining the walls, all collected from past customers.  The black and white tile flooring and bright red accents give this spot a super retro feel, which brings back lots of nostalgic feelings for locals who have been coming to this spot for years.  They also have a few vintage arcade games to take advantage of while you're waiting for your meal.  Be sure to check them out at 694 Spring Gardens Rd. in Burlington Ontario!

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If you need a little more inspiration to plan your food driven road trip, here are a few photos that are sure to get your cravings in full gear.

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