Photo credToronto Paint Party

They say that kids loose their creativity as they get older, but I say that you're never too old for finger painting! Toronto is hosting the biggest paint party ever this summer -- so get ready to become the blank canvas in this art affair. Tickets will be going on sale Monday, April 27th at 9:00 PM -- so gear up and wear something paintable.

This party would literally be Art Attack, Neil Buchanan's dream! How often is it that you get to throw paint around and rave with your friends? If you say you do this often then you're living the dream, but for the dreamers -- this might be your only opportunity.

The location has not yet been announced, but there will be a limited amount of tickets available so keep yourself updated on the Paint Party Facebook Event Page. The paint party is on a Thursday so you might have multicolored hair for work the next day and it will be worth everything!

2.7 K people are already attending and they'll be having buckets of fun throwing literal buckets of paint on each other -- what does your Thursday look like? Wear protective eyewear kids, because paint tends to be messy and you don't want to miss any of the action.