A few months ago, the Canadian passport was ranked the 6th best to have in the world, tying it with Ireland, South Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland. Now, it appears that Canada has moved up in that ranking.

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Arton Capital's Passport Index, which assigns power rankings to global passports based on their total visa-free score, has moved Canada up to the #5 spot. A visa-free score determines how easily the passport bearer can move between countries. The higher a passport's visa-free score, the greater global mobility it infers to the owner.

Here are the rankings for the most powerful passports in the world for 2017 (based on a Global Passport Power Ranking):

1. Germany

VFS: 158

2. Singapore, Sweden

VFS: 157

3. Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Norway, UK, USA

VFS: 156

4. Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan

VFS: 155

5. Canada, Malaysia, Ireland,

VFS: 154

6. Greece, New Zealand, Australia

VFS: 153

7. Czech Republic, Iceland

VFS: 152

8. Hungary

VFS: 151

9. Malta, Lithuania, Poland

VFS: 150

10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia

VFS: 149

On a similar note, in the Individual Passport Power Rankings, Canada ranked 21st overall.

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