Ever since Drake opened his long-awaited sushi restaurant Pick 6ix,  there's no denying that most Torontonians assumed it would be attracting stars from across the world. Who wouldn't want to check out a place that Drake himself gave the stamp of approval?! 

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Though while Torontonians were expecting cameos from rappers and maybe even Rihanna at the restaurant in the near future, I'm sure nobody expected the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore to pull up- but naturally, they did just that. 

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Vinny, Deena, J-Woww and Ronnie were in the city this past weekend and dined over at Pick 6ix as part of their promo for their upcoming comeback series, Jersey Shore Family Vacation. While Snookie, Mike and DJ Pauly D weren't in attendance, let's be real- even two members of the Jersey fam would be a party. 

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Pick 6ix acted as a venue for the celebration where waitresses served french fries, tacos and sliders clad in #Jerzdays t-shirts, as well as offering a stocked sushi bar. For drinks there were two specialty cocktails, one named "Ron Ron Juice" and the other being a "GTL Tini." 

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Of course, they also showed the trailer for the new season before the cast posed with fans for a bit before departing the event to head back to the airport. Though if you had any doubt this comeback would be lackluster, Vinny made sure to keep fans in the loop noting to the crowd "we're still stupid and we still party fucking hard."