Cherry blossom fever is at an all-time high in Ontario at the moment, with people flocking to places all over the province to observe the iconic Japanese  flowers in full bloom.

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If you're looking to ditch the crowds, skip on your usual excursion to High Park and head over to Kariya Park instead. The Mississauga green space is Japanese-themed and takes only 45 minutes to get to by car from Toronto. The majority of cherry blossoms on site have finally reached full bloom, so right now is the perfect time to go see them.

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Sakura chasers can expect to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom up until this weekend (May 12) or possibly longer. With the great weather that's been blessing the GTA these past couple of days, the trees are more likely to produce an impressive display of pink and white this year compared to years prior.

One of the coolest features of the park is its weeping cherry blossoms, which are planted beside a central pond area. They're a popular spot to visit because they offer an incredibly dreamy background for photos.

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Cherry blossoms continue to bloom for 21 days, so they may still stick around until next week if we're lucky. See you there!