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The City Of Toronto Is Giving Drivers Free Parking On King Street And Here's How You Can Get It

While it's definitely been a rough couple weeks for drivers and Ubers alike ever since the King Street project was put into effect, there's one group of angry people who have made the biggest change in the project to date. Thanks to business owners complaining to John Tory about extreme nose dives in revenue and having to pours tens of thousands into their restaurants and shops to keep them afloat, a massive change is coming into effect to bring drivers back to King St.

Turns out that the project had a lot more of an effect on the street's foot traffic than the city was expecting considering business owners claim that the second the project was put into effect, they noticed a dramatic decrease in customers. One business owner claiming he had to sink $70,000+ into his restaurant to keep it afloat.

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After meeting with King St. business owners this morning, Tory has announced that drivers are going to be able to get 2 hours of free parking on King St. on select areas of the street. This is massive considering free parking is practically unknown in downtown Toronto, let alone somewhere as popular as King. The free parking is thanks to the initial one-time $5 discount being pushed to a $10 constant discount due to business owners claiming the one-time half off discount did nothing to help.

To get the free parking you've got to use the Green P app to pay in the select spaces that are found immediately north and south of the pilot project area. The discount allows you free parking for a minimum of two hours. To see the eligible parking areas click here.

Source: CP24

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