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The City Of Toronto Parking Enforcement Can Now Issue 'Drive Away' Tickets And It's Seriously Messed Up

We’ve all seen it in at least one movie, a parking officer is writing down a ticket when someone comes charging out to jump in the car and speed off before it can be put on the windshield. Ha, free parking! 

Whether or not you’ve ever actually done this yourself you’ve always at least fantasized about it. 

Well unfortunately that dream is now dead because the city has made it so that you can’t drive away from a ticket anymore.

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If you drive off before they managed to put it on the window it’ll probably show up in your mailbox now. 

Yes, the city can now mail you your ticket. 

All they need is your license plate number and your vehicle type to track down where you live, stick your ticket in an envelope and mail it right to your door now.  

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Some drivers think the whole thing is just too much.  

“You don’t know where the parking officer came from, so it could be that you just pulled up, stopped for a second, and drove off, and they’ve issued you a ticket,” said John Buffett.”

“It’s fair for the municipality to do that, absolutely when the infraction is just, but at the same time, it opens up a whole can of worms,” said Carmine Ciofani.

They also charge you an extra $10 for trying to speed off and it will have the words “drove away” on it as well. 

The average parking ticket in the city is apparently $53 so with an extra $10 you’re looking at likely a $63 ticket for driving away.  

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This form of ticketing is meant to stop people from clipping parking enforcement officers with their cars in their haste to get away. 

So if you see someone taking down your license plate number for a ticket maybe don’t try to get out of it, it’ll just cost you more money later. 

Source: CityNews

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