The CN Tower was seriously put into jeopardy early this morning when a fire began inside the CN Tower's broadcasting antenna. The antenna itself is stationed just above the restaurant and look-out deck of the tower - consisting of 44 different pieces and standing at a staggering 102 metres high. 

30 Toronto firefighters arrived at the scene as early as 4:15am to extinguish the fire before it spread to different parts of the structure. Because of the antenna's tight diameter, it was a challenging task for the fireman to maneuverer in such a tight space. 

UPDATED: Fire inside CN Tower's broadcasting antenna now extinguished

August 16, 2017

While the cause of the fire is still unclear, Toronto Fire Platoon Chief Kevin Shaw was quoted in saying that the fire seemed to be burning tar alongside the metal antenna and that perhaps one of the conduits caused the antenna to smoulder or burn. 

All tower personnel managed to escape uninjured, but the CN Tower's antenna will be out of service for an undisclosed amount of time. Anyone who uses over-the-air frequencies for TV or radio may experience outrages during this time. 

The fire is now safely extinguished with the viewing deck and restaurant still running as normal.