The CNE Is Hosting A Food Truck Frenzy And Here Are The 12 Foods You Need To Try

No summer in Toronto is complete without paying the CNE a visit.

But more importantly, no visit to the CNE is complete without enjoying some of the artery-clogging dishes that its known for. Uhm, hello cronut burgers anyone?

For all those Torontonians planning on heading to the CNE this weekend, make sure to bring your appetites as French's Food Truck Frenzy will be happening this weekend (August 25 to 27).

Located on Princes’ Boulevard just inside the historic Princes’ Gates, this foodie paradise will feature 24 popular Toronto food trucks, each serving up their own unique, Instagram-worthy dishes from 11 am to 11 pm. 

In true Narcity fashion, we've done our homework and rounded up the top dishes you need to try at the CNE Food Truck Frenzy this weekend.

via @panchosbakery

Charcoal Icecream Churros -- Panchos Bakery

via @letsgototheex

Canada 150 Burger -- Bacon Nation

via @letsgototheex

Captain Crunch Sandwich -- The Food Dudes

via @urbansmoketruck

Pulled Sandwiches -- Urban Smoke Food Truck

via @letsgototheex

The Donut Cone -- Eva's Original Chimneys and Glory Hole Doughnuts

via @fresh_and_flavoured

Pulled Pork Parfait -- Hank Daddys BBQ

via @chimneystaxbco

Sweet & Savoury Stack -- Chimney Stax

via @mustacheburger

Poutines -- Mustache Burger

via @philthyphillys

Philly Cheese Steak -- Philthy Phillys

via @thecolossalonion

Colossal Onions -- Colossal Onions

via @tobenfoodbydesign

Hand Crafted Goods -- Toben Food By Design

via @fidelgastros

Maple Pork Belly Poutine -- Fidel Gastros

You can find the full list of food trucks here.

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