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Toronto's King Street Now Has Art Installations That'll Remind You Of Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors (PHOTOS)

Ever since the King St pilot project was launched in Toronto last November different art installations have been popping up along the street. 

First, it was the decorative barriers that not only looked nice, but blocked traffic on King St as well. Now a number of different colourful and interactive pieces line the street. 

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When the pilot started last year, a lot more curb space opened up on King St. Businesses had first chance to use the space directly in front of them, but anything not being used after that was designated for a design competition run by the city called "Everyone is King".

The competition had two different streams, one for public art installations and the other for parklets, each inspired by similar projects in other cities around the world. In the first category, ideas could be inspired by meditation areas, creative seating spots, or interactive exercise stations. The second category was inspired by other projects like Pavement to Parks and Vancouver Parklets. 

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In total, there were 74 submissions in stream one with only 10 installations available to be won and 22 submissions in stream two with only two designs winning. 

The winners of the competition had their designs and installations rolled out on King St between Bathurst and Jarvis throughout April and May. They will remain on the street until the end of the year when the pilot project ends. via  

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According to the city, the pilot project and design competition both explore transformative and bold ideas for improving King St. 

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