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Food Hacks The Big Brands Probably Don't Want You To Know About

Get more bang for your buck!
Food Hacks The Big Brands Probably Don't Want You To Know About

Getting the pre-packaged combo usually seems like the better deal, right? Surprisingly, ordering the items individually is actually cheaper in the long-run. Even if we often end up ordering the same thing in the end, people like to have the choice and the ability to customize. That's probably why, according to market research firm NPD Group, many 18-to-34 year-olds are abandoning combo meals and why the dollar menu is so hot right now. 

Another reason many of us are opting out of the traditional combo, is that it has become somewhat restrictive to the customer. Fairness, transparency and choice should be the status quo when it comes to our purchasing habits, right? We think so!

In keeping up with the ethos of Koodo,a company on a mission to champion the values of honesty and pricing transparency, we're taking a closer look at some pre-packaged deals, in effort to help you decide - value menu or order separately?

1. McDonald's Big Mac Combo

Did you know you can get a McDouble dressed like a Big Mac? It's basically the exact same thing, minus one piece of bread, but it costs $1.50 less! Adding a drink at $1.39 and fries at $1 gives you a total of $3.89, instead $5.99. You do the math.

2. Burger King Double Whopper vs Single Whopper

A Buger King Whopper costs $3.49 while the Double Whopper costs $4.39. Pretty straight-forward so far. But add the exact same size drink and portion of fries on the side to make a combo, and somehow they both end up costing $5.79. The smaller sandwich just became $1 more expensive. Burger King knows the Whopper is the most popular item and know you are going to buy it anyway, hoping you won't notice the bigger burger is the same price. Ordering with a friend and just want to share fries and a drink? Now you know to order the Double Whopper Value Meal and a Single Whopper on the side.

3. Chipotle Burrito

Chipotle, which made its way to Toronto only a few years ago (BLESS THE BURRITO GODS), probably doesn't want you to know this hack which allows you to increase your burrito by 86%! Yes, that's basically like having TWO burritos. The basis of the hack is to order a burrito bowl with a side of 2 tortillas and wrapping it all up yourself. For more info on this technique, click here.

4.Taco Bell

While is hack is not so much about eliminating the combo option, it does help you get the best value for your money. Simply email, and indicate how much money you'd like to spend (no dollar signs) in the subject line. Taco Bell will then send you a list of all the possible item combinations you can get for that amount of money!

5. McDonald's Breakfast Combo

Mickey D's sure isn't for the boys when it comes to their combos. Getting their Sausage and Egg McMuffin combo (coffee + hash brown) is actually 60 cents more expensive than getting a simple Sausage McMuffin with a side of scrambled eggs. Plus, you actually get more eggs that way.

Photo cred- Koodo

*Bonus* Koodo

Fast food companies aren't the only ones to offer pre-packaged deals. Most phone companies will famously offer sell you a "combo" with the false idea that it will save you some money. But like we've seen, it's often the opposite!

Koodo does things differently. Instead of bundling the cost of the phone with the cost of the monthly plan, they keep the two separate. On their site, you can shop for both phones and plans with the peace of mind that comes from actual pricing transparency.No more hidden fees. Thanks Koodo!