After rumours of a Friends' themed café in Toronto started to surface earlier this year, fans of the iconic NBC show were quick to get themselves excited. Who can blame them though? What would be better than experiencing a version of the iconic coffee shop that Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica all knew and loved right here in Toronto!? 

The new coffee spot was supposed to be inspired by the show and serve as a replica of sorts of the iconic Central Perk set from the series. Though when you try to replicate something so iconic, you can definitely run into some hurdles and end up setting the bar too high. Unfortunately, it seems that's what these owners did for themselves. 

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When the spot finally opened and fans started to arrive, many were a little letdown, to say the least. Iconic elements such as the couch were present and seemed sort of similar, but a lot of crucial pieces to the original set just weren't there. Narcity spoke to a Friends fan who visited explained their take on the shop when they went: 

"It was strange. Very close to looking like it but everything was just a bit off. I think one of the main things was that it was in this new storefront under a condo and there was so much natural light. It was beautiful but Central Perk was always kinda dark with dark wood so it was a bit off. Cute stop and super reasonable prices but not an exact replica."

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To make matters weirder, many noticed that while the shop has been tagging themselves as Central Perk, the actual cafe's name is Central Café. It's most likely because of licensing issues that they aren't actually able to take on the real name for their own store. 

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As noted by the local Friends fan who checked out the store, the amount of natural light definitely played a huge factor in throwing off the whole scene. As well, the layout of the space isn't remotely like the set, and while some furniture does look similar, it can only help so much when it comes to trying to recreate such an iconic franchise's meeting place. 

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On the bright side, while the spot may not be exactly like the Friends' set, it's somewhat similar and at the end of the day, they do serve some great stuff at a reasonable price. For the Fall season they are serving up a Salted Caramel Latte that looks almost too adorable to drink... almost. So even if you are a little bummed it isn't necessarily the real deal, you should still give it a go! 

If you are already planning to head on over and grab yourself some coffee with your own group of friends, you can head over to 52 Bathurst St. to experience it for yourself!