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The Government Is Advising Canadians To Buy Their Weed With Cash, Even Though In Ontario It's Impossible To Do That Legally

Ontario's online-only payment system for legal cannabis puts the province in a vulnerable position.
The Government Is Advising Canadians To Buy Their Weed With Cash, Even Though In Ontario It's Impossible To Do That Legally

Yesterday the Canadian government released a guide for Canadians buying legal weed. According to the guide, it's important to give minimal details about yourself when buying legal weed in order to avoid a paper trail being created. 

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Basically, the whole idea is to protect Canadians' privacy since cannabis is still illegal in most countries around the world and that information could be used against Canadian travellers. The recommendations also included only buying legal weed with cash. 

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This advice sounds great and it's fantastic that the government is looking out for our interests. But, the problem is that these recommendations are literally impossible to legally follow in Ontario. 

Since our only option for purchasing legal cannabis is through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website, we actually have to give a lot of information when buying legal weed including our address, birthdate, email and phone number. 

Then, of course, there is the matter of paying cash. Since buying online is the province's only option until April 2019, it's actually impossible for Ontarians to buy legal weed with cash. In fact, the OCS only accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and pre-paid credit cards.

This makes the government's warning about not leaving a paper trail when purchasing legal weed actually rather concerning. This is especially because the concerns are over our own privacy, which is a very sensitive matter. 

Don’t Buy Canadian Weed With Anything But Cash, Or You Just Might Regret It

Essentially, our position in Ontario forces us to ignore the government and privacy commissioner's advice. Beyond that, it also leaves Ontarians vulnerable to our private purchasing information being used against us when travelling, possibly making us inadmissible to other countries like the United States. 

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Even when legal stores do finally open in Ontario, which is due to happen in April 2019, most Ontarians will still only be able to buy weed online. That's because the Ford government has now announced that they will only be starting with 25 legal pot shops in the entire province, leaving a lot of customers to shop online. 

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