Speaker's Corner was a Toronto staple on Canadian television sets. You could pop a loonie into a camera booth and, for an entire minute, it would record your rants. You could talk about anything you wanted, then see it aired on CityTV (making sure you had your VHS player set to record). We scoured through a ton of videos to find the best moments the show gave us. We found gems ranging from sweet moments, drunk angry rants and even some before-they-were-famous cameos.


1. The Proposal

What's sweeter than proposing to your girlfriend on television? If you're looking for an answer to that rhetorical question, it's probably: nothing. Nothing is sweeter. Just watch.


2. Mike Myers Just Wants To Party

This video was most likely taken a few years before Myers became a household name. (He was probably still in his Second City days here). He's voicing an opinion many of us have and it's that our last call IS TOO DAMN EARLY! Mike just wants some extra time to drink and dance like the rest of us. Maybe we can start a campaign with him as the spokesperson for a Toronto bars to serve till 4 a.m.?

Bonus Mike: Presumably his first time on the show



3. Before Uber

Remember when we had to rely almost exclusively on cabs to take us home after a night out? As Torontonians we're used to less than stellar public transit service and while we're not afraid to walk, our city is big, sometimes walking from Parkdale back home to the Annex just doesn't some feasible. Luckily (and stay with me--I'm getting to my point), we have Uber now, so no more staying on hold for cabs or paying their outrageous prices. Now, enter these two. It's not even midnight and they couldn't get a taxi to drive them home. They claim it's a scam...maybe they were right. Maybe they were on to something and they had to be...taken care of. Think I'm nuts? Have you seen them lately? Do you know where they are? Exactly.


4. The Funny Bros

Did they guys graduate from night school? Because their jokes are a hoot (get it?). Part of the "jokesters" segment, these bros had some punny things to say about frats. Thankfully we don't take Greek life so seriously here focusing on, you know, education as the key factor of a University degree.


5. Anniversary Tips

Ten years in a marriage is a feat, because let's face it, a healthy relationship ain't easy. According to this happy couple it takes communication, a sense of humour, and not seeing the other person peeing.


6. Drag Superstars

Speaker's Corner was a great outlet for people to voice their opinions. It was also fun. You'd see awesome things like a trio of drag queens playing a game with the audience (and maybe be introduced to a world you weren't familiar with), which in its own way was a way for people to express themselves and be utterly creative.


7. A Rap For The Frustrated Artist

With the demise of MuchMusic and the lack of outlets like Speaker's Corner, the talent in Canada isn't thriving like it could. Artists just wanted a chance. I mean, this guy even made a rap about it.


8. Barenaked Ladies

The band of course! Fresh-faced and (possibly) drug-free, the foursome made an appearance in 1991 singing one of their original songs. Then, ten years later, they came back to recreate the moment.


 9. OG Stepbrothers

Could this moment have inspired Will Farrel to create the critically acclaimed film Stepbrothers?


10. Weird Al's Request

Okay, so this one may have been staged but who doesn't love Weird Al? Even in a non-ironic way. You can see him requesting his favourite artists, jokingly claiming MuchMusic didn't play enough Alanis Morisette.