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The Infinity Mirrors Installation At The AGO Will Have Stricter Rules Than Toronto Airport Security

The much-anticipated Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror exhibit that you and half of Toronto want to attend is coming to the AGO on March 3rd. And if you happen to be lucky enough to score tickets, the rules you must follow upon admission are strict AF. 

And for good reason. This insanely magical retrospective of one of the world's most famous avant-garde artist, the Japanese-born Yayoi Kusama, is making its way to Toronto after already flooding gates and Instagram feeds alike in places like Singapore, LA, and Dallas. And like most art, many of the pieces displayed in this 6-room exhibit are incredibly fragile (hem hem mirrors). So the organizers have implemented strict rules to ensure that this sure-to-be-busy event runs smoothly and nobody gets 7 years of bad luck while visiting. 

Rule #1: No more than four tickets can be purchased at a time (This is a pre-event rule that you'll definitely want to take note of because you will NOT be able to purchase 10+ ticket for you and your besties). 

Rule #2: The exhibit has six rooms in total, and each guest will only be allowed a maximum of 20-30 seconds in each room (This one's clearly to avoid overcrowding what we're sure will be a sold out event. The installation is divided into six separate rooms which will feature Yayoi Kusama's iconic works ranging from mirrors, paintings, sculptures and massive installations. We can pretty much guarantee that there will be ushers present kindly persuading you to leave the room when you've overstayed your welcome). 

Rule #3: While there is no time limit, guests can plan for a two hours stay at the exhibit (This might seem like an easy rule to follow, given that if you strictly follow Rule #2, you should be done the exhibit in no more than 3 minutes. Well, event organizers are anticipating 20-30 minute wait times given the number of attendees expected, so you may need the whole two hours to complete the journey). 

This super exclusive event will be selling pre-sale tickets to AGO members online beginning at 12pm on December 12th. The rest of us lowly art fans can purchase tickets starting at 12pm on January 16. 

Tickets are reasonable priced at $30 for adults, and the exhibit will be held at the AGO until May 27th. You can find more info, including details about the artist, here

Source: AGO

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