The province of Ontario is overflowing with exciting nature adventures! A lot of these adventures take you on stunning boardwalk trails past gorgeous natural sights that are perfect for a scenic hike. 

One boardwalk hike is completely unique to all the others though, it's the White Water Walk at Niagara Falls! When you think of Niagara Falls you probably only think of the massive waterfall that's one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

But the White Water Walk offers a different perspective of this breathtaking spot! It's officially opening up for the season tomorrow, April 14th from 10am-5pm! 

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The White Water Walk is located in the Great Gorge which sits just 4 km North of Niagara Falls. You'll walk for a quarter mile along the boardwalk path past Class 6 rapids and 410 million year old rock layers rock layers in the gorge! 

Your journey will start by taking an elevator 70 metres down into the gorge to a 73 metre long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you'll reach the boardwalk which has 2 viewing platforms that will let you get a closer look at the rushing rapids! 

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You can take self-guided tours of the walk with informative stations along the way that will let you learn about the history, geology and ecosystems of the area. 

Entrance to the White Water Walk costs $13 for adults and $8.45 for children. 

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Check out the website for more information.