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The 'IT' Movie Mansion Is Actually In Toronto For You To Visit

Just in time for Halloween.
The 'IT' Movie Mansion Is Actually In Toronto For You To Visit

Did you know that Stephen King's super creepy crown thriller IT was filmed in Toronto? Because we sure as hell didn't. While Toronto is used as a film set on the reg for high budget films like Suicide Squad and our favourite legal show Suits, we were shocked to discover that this creeptastic film chose our safe and sunny city as the setting to their movie. 

This 115 year-old house is located in east-side Toronto, making it the perfect setting for an old-Victorian horror story. It has tons of history as a social aid centre, meaning that many struggling souls sought refuge both while living and dead. 

Cranfield House or Harris House is protected by the Ontario Heritage Act, meaning no one can tear down the iconic building, making it an ideal set for any spooky production. IT is only one of many projects to be shot at the house, as property maintenance has revealed it was also the setting for Orphan Black

If you want to visit the creepy mansion, maybe towards Halloween even, you can find it at Pape & Riverdale. 

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