Everyone's heard of the 'IT' remake, and if you're even remotely a fan of scary movies, you've definitely seen the nightmare-inducing film. You've probably also heard that the movie has finished casting for 'IT' Chaper 2.

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The Loser's Club (Bill, Ben, Bev, Mike, Richie, Eddie and Stan) are all grown up and ready to get back into killer-clown-fighting action. 

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But what you may not know is that you can actually be a part of all the fun this summer by working alongside the Loser's Club to take down Pennywise for good! Well, maybe not exactly alongside them but definitely in the same vicinity. Just like the original, the town of Port Hope is being turned into Derry, Maine all over again. 

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This Friday (June 22), the old Canadian Tire Store parking lot at 10 Robertson Street in Port Hope will be turned into an open casting call from 2 to 6 and literally anyone can go. They're looking for background actors, security, and location support staff for the film, secretly named "Largo". 

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The production company Third Act Productions is heading up this amazing opportunity, like they did for the first act in the movie franchise. This is a sweet opportunity to make some money and also be a part of one of the biggest Blockbuster horror films ever made! It's really a win win. 

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The film picks up 27 years after the first, where Bill and friends are called back to their hometown after a tragedy to destroy the evil entity for good. You won't want miss your chance to be a part of this incredible opportunity! 

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