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The Killer Of 9-Year-Old Tori Stafford Has Had Her Life Sentence Removed And Now Gets To Stay In A "Healing Lodge"

Many angry Ontarians believe one of Tori's killers is getting off easy.

It's been nearly a decade since 8-year-old Tori Stafford from Woodstock, Ontario was kidnapped, raped and killed at the hands of Terri Lynn McClintic and Michael Rafferty, who were a couple at the time. While the tragedy is one that still hurts the hearts of Ontarians, it had been somewhat comforting to many, especially Tori's own family, that her killers were locked away. Unfortunately, that isn't necessarily the case anymore. 

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Since the 2012 trial that convicted both Terri Lynn McClintic and Michael Rafferty, Canadians haven't heard much from the pair. While Rafferty is serving a life sentence in prison, his then-girlfriend and accomplice McClintic has gotten a significant change in scenery and locals are not happy about it. 

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It turns out that McClintic was recently removed from the high-security prison cell she'd been staying in since her conviction in 2011. McClintic has reportedly been moved to a healing lodge in Saskatchewan. 

The lodge in question is an Aboriginal healing lodge that is described as having minimum-medium security. There, inmates are able to live with their children and go through both "cultural and spiritual training." As well, their living spaces are vastly different than a jail cell, with units containing a bedroom, bathroom, living room, eating area and a kitchenette. 

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Tori Stafford's father, Rodney Stafford took to Facebook to air out his frustration as the Stafford family had been notified by Service Canada of McClintic's move. Asking why McClintic could "get more rights and privileges and lessened security? From maximum security to a healing lodge?" Tori's grandmother also broke her silence on behalf of the family saying "we were all upset by this move. Seems to be an easier path for her." 

Naturally, many people outside of Stafford's family are angered that the convicted murderer is able to now live a more free life in a lodge where she is being treated to "emotionally, physically and spiritually help her rehabilitation." Especially with the information about McClintic that was exposed during her time in prison. McClintic had claimed she was an innocent bystander who was coerced into her actions that tragic day in 2009. But, Rafferty and police documents say otherwise.

In court back in 2011, Rafferty claimed that McClintic had a desire to be violent and hurt others and she wasn't as innocent as she was attempting to lead on. It was even discovered that once in prison, McClintic had assaulted another jail mate. On top of that, mail McClintic was sending to a friend was intercepted by security after the contents revealed McClintic describing her desire to "stomp, punch and kick an inmate" and had she had more room, she would have "done more damage." 

Regardless of all of this, McClintic is now living in the healing lodge. Though the controversy is not being taken quietly, Ontarians have decided to organize a protest in Ottawa that is scheduled for November 2nd.  Protest organizers have even arranged bus transportation from Woodstock, Ontario to Ottawa to help protestors get there. Considering one protest video has already garnered over 29,000  views in less than a day, it's expected that a lot of angry people will be arriving at parliament come early November. 

Source: The London Free Press