The Legal Age For Smoking Pot In Canada Might Be Set To 25

Oh my Ganja.
The Legal Age For Smoking Pot In Canada Might Be Set To 25

Everyone lost their shit when they heard that the idea of legally smoking some Mary Jane was finally going to become a reality. Now everyone's excited and getting their bongs and spliffs ready for when the golden day comes. However, for all the youngins' out there, don't get too excited as doctors are still debating how young is too young to get high on the green.

The Canadian Medical Society conducted a survey within a pool of 788 doctors to ask the age-old question. Surprisingly, doctors were divided with over 30% in favour of 18-19 years of age, about 25% saying 21, and a fifth saying over 25.

Before we start ganging up on the doctors pushing for 25, it's important to note that 87% of doctors think there needs to be a lot more medical research into weed's potential health risks. Despite what doctors are worried about, Canadians under the age of 25 have the highest rate of marijuana use amongst any age group in the country.

Of course there are skeptics urging the government to keep the green away from children and young adults as it may harm their development. That being said, a lot of other health experts and social groups are in favour of marijuana being accessible only to adults of 25 years old. And with 25 years of age being the age restriction, that would be the highest in the world.

The legal age in Colorado and Washington is 21, the same age Americans are allowed to purchase alcohol. There's a lot of speculation in the air, but until Trudeau himself lets us know when we can legally obtain the beloved Devil's lettuce, all we can do is wait until we find out which of our birthdays we have to add on the list to wait for.

Source: Vice Canada

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