Toronto’s Eerie Doll House Looks Like Your Childhood Toy Box Exploded Everywhere (PHOTOS)

Talk about a house of oddities!
Toronto’s Eerie Doll House Looks Like Your Childhood Toy Box Exploded Everywhere (PHOTOS)

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you? Well, at this eerie Toronto house, you won’t be able to shake that feeling. When you walk past the famous Leslieville Doll House hundreds of toy eyes will follow you and it’s the spookiest thing we’ve ever seen.

Located in the quiet 6ix neighbourhood of Leslieville, this unique spot feels like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie.

And we are totally here for it. 

Unlike the flowers and simple decor found in neighbouring lawns, the doll house's front yard is filled with countless toy dolls, stuffed animals, plaques, and more.

You’ll find everyone from Barbie to Homer Simpson, and too many M&M characters to count strewn about the place. 

It might sound like a toy paradise, but there’s something truly chilling about having all those plastic eyeballs on you at once. 

Things get even spookier around October when owner Shirley Sumaiser adds a number of Halloween decorations to the mix. 

In fact, Sumaiser’s collection is always growing and evolving.

So, the next time you’re out for a stroll, don’t forget to wander into Leslieville for a totally unreal view. 

They’ll be waiting for you with eyes wide open.

According to Atlas Obscura, Sumaiser’s collection began as a harmless hobby when her husband passed away.

But it soon became so much more than that.

“Two decades later, and her Doll House is a beacon for the neighbourhood, the one garden that everyone who lives in Leslieville can direct you to,” the post reads.

This house of oddities is a site you don’t want to miss in the city. 

Especially if you have a passion for all things creepy.

I mean, it’s not every day you see a doll's head tied to a wooden stake, let alone hundreds of them in one yard.

Anyone is free to walk past and admire the dollhouse, just remember to be respectful to both the property and the neighbours. 

Now, brb, we're off to the land of misfit toys.

Leslieville Doll House

Price: Free

Address: 35 Bertmount Ave., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: This eerie Toronto spot will have you feeling like you just walked into a Tim Burton movie.