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The Liberal Party Can't Afford To Pay Off The $7 Million They Spent To Win Only 7 Seats

The Liberal Party has found themselves in a seriously troubling financial situation.
The Liberal Party Can't Afford To Pay Off The $7 Million They Spent To Win Only 7 Seats

It's been six months since the Liberal party suffered a devastating loss in the June election where they earned only a total of seven seats. Leaving the party not only with a large loss to come back from, but also having to regain their party status considering they now do not have enough seats to be considered an official party. 

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Unfortunately, a bruised ego and rebuild aren't the only things that the Liberal Party has had to deal with since losing so many seats in June. As a result of losing their party status and only taking up seven seats, the Liberal party also lost their hiring budget, legislative research and are only able to utilize a limited amount of opportunities to speak during question periods. All of these combined have left the Liberal party in serious need of funding. 

That need for funding hasn't translated into many donations from Ontarians though. In comparison to the Progressive Conservatives raking in $1.08 million and the New Democratic Party raising $539,896, the Liberal Party has only been able to raise $262,072 since the June election. 

The low turnout in donations has especially harmed the Liberal Party considering their $7 million campaign debt earned them so little seats. Meaning they have a large bill to pay, but don't have the numbers to pay it off as efficiently as they could if they had party status. Leaving their fate in the hands of Ontarians who are willing to donate. 

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As of right now, the parties plan is to use controversial moves made by the current premier, Doug Ford, to entice frustrated Ontarians to pay up. The party's website as of now is encouraging Ontarians to "fight back against the careless cuts" through donating. The donations range from one time "gifts" to monthly installments. 

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While there are many reasons contributing to the Liberal Party's current situation, the lack of a leader definitely is not helping the party bring in donators. While the party claims to be "knocked down, but not out," Liberal Party supporters will likely have to wait a little longer until they see the party's new leader. It's currently expected that the leadership race date will be announced during the party's general meeting in 2019. 

Source: CTV News 

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