So as you probably saw yesterday on social media someone actually took live crabs and put them on their own seats on the subway

This caused one woman to freak out and yell at the man before slapping the crabs off the seats and at least one of them into someone’s lap.  

The man who did it is now explaining why he decided to give the crabs their own seats. 

Johnny Ghicas, the man with the crabs, says the whole thing started out as a joke. 

He bought the crabs at a grocery store before heading to the subway and placing them on the seats.  

Just some live crabs riding the TTC because Toronto.

May 7, 2018

“My thing in my head was, ‘I want to see if someone is going to say something’ and if they did, I was going to take them off but I didn’t think [the rider] was going to whip them against somebody,” he said. 

Even though the crabs obviously put the woman who knocked them off their seats in a crabby mood, Ghicas says everyone else on the subway was having a great time with them. 

“Everyone was having a fun time about it and people wanted to take pictures. They were laughing. It was funny thing.”  

People on Twitter seem to agree with that. 

I’m going to get a emotional support crab just so it could ride the seat on the TTC #toronto

May 11, 2018

Ghicas even went so far as to pay extra fare for each crab so they could have a seat, he said. 

“They’re paying customers. Each customer gets a chair.” 

Only on the TTC would you ever actually see anything like this. 

Source: Global News