Toronto is a big city with a massive array of spots and activities that are perfect for every kind of couple in the city. Whether you and your partner and more reserved and want a low key night, wild and out-going or somewhere in between, there is guaranteed to be something both you and your partner will enjoy!

Though it's clear that there are some specific dates that a lot of couples in Toronto enjoy, seeing as they are constantly popping up on Instagram. So if you have done these dates already and are looking for something new, or haven't and are just looking for something a little more off the beaten path, read on! 

*Note that by 'overrated' we don't mean that any of these date spots are remotely bad, just that they are overly frequented by tons of couples (for good reason of course)! 

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Overrated: Netflix 'n' Chill. 

Underrated: Checking out a scary movie at the Drive-In.

It's 2017 let Netflix 'n' Chill go. If you still want to watch a good movie but also want to make it look like you put a little more effort into planning the date, opt for a Drive-In! Not only can you dress it up by bringing some snacks, pillows and blankets but it's also surely going to be a hit in the eyes of your partner regardless of whether you go the extra mile or not! It's also a great idea considering this time of year, what sounds better than watching a scary movie in the back of a truck while cuddled up in blankets?! 

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Overrated: Going Bowling.

Underrated: Battling it out with some pints and ping pong at SPIN. 

Listen, I love bowling like love bowling, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't the slightest overrated. Especially considering that bowling involves a lot of time with your back facing your partner and not really talking that much. If you are looking for something a bit more upbeat where you can do something fun while still being able to engage and chat with your partner, ping pong is the activity to do. Not only does it instigate some flirty banter but it's also just fun in general! 

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Overrated: Visiting an art gallery in the city. 

Underrated: Going to the Paint Lounge and making your own art. 

Don't get me wrong, I love art galleries, but unless you and your date met in the class you both have at OCAD, there is an 85% chance (actual science) one out of the two of you is bored AF during this entire date and is confused as to how a chair in the middle of the room is considered art. If you still want to do something artsy and fun, go to Paint Lounge! Not only is it great because you aren't expected to paint up the next Mona Lisa, but it's a ton of fun creating your own art!

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Overrated: Exploring through Allan Gardens.

Underrated: Building your own terrarium at Crown Flora studios.

Listen, Allan Gardens is beautiful and a great date in itself but there is only so much you can do once you arrive! If you and your date both have green thumbs and want to mix it up a bit, Crown Flora is the place to visit! Not only do they feature incredible arrangements and terrariums, but they also host workshops. There you can build your own terrarium with your bae featuring all the succulents and cacti you'd like! 

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Overrated: The 'LOVE' display at Distillery. 

Underrated: Canoeing the lake. 

It may be getting a little chilly, but that doesn't mean water-oriented dates need to stop just yet! With the weather just about to get too chilly to take advantage of the waterfront, you need to canoe/kayak/paddleboard on the lake before it turns into ice! It's the perfect way to work in some cardio and introduce a fun and unique date to your partner. Plus after your canoe trip, you can refuel at any of these waterfront restos for the perfect way to cap off your day!