5 Underrated Spots Your Girlfriend Wants You To Take Her To This Winter In Toronto

Step it up this holiday season!
5 Underrated Spots Your Girlfriend Wants You To Take Her To This Winter In Toronto

When you think of winter dates, what do you think of? Holding hands while going Christmas shopping? Watching Elf on repeat until one of you stops falling asleep? Or even going for a drive to see the Christmas lights with a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons. In Toronto, the Toronto Christmas Market is super popular and for very good reasons. All of that is great, but those are also kind of overrated! Dates don't have to be what everyone else is doing!

You really gotta step it up this holiday season. Show her you love her rather than telling her (but still tell her). Your girlfriend will be shocked and surprised that your new winter date doesn't consist of just asking where you want to eat at until one of you suggests just ordering in. We've allll been there. I promise these dates are way more fun than that!

Get A Boozy Hot Chocolate From El Caballito 

Where: 220 King St W

Do both of you need a drink? The winter season can be hard on everyone, so I totally get it. However, what is more wintery than a tequila hot chocolate?! I mean, just look at it. At El Caballito, which is a Mexican restaurant that specializes in street fare and tequila, you can sip on one of these instead of a margarita. Or both?

This is the perfect holiday drink. You'll start to feel good, and I wouldn't doubt it's because of the roasted marshmallow they put on top. This is available all winter long during brunch on Saturdays, so it's also a great excuse to go to brunch!

Have A Date In A Treehouse

Where: Port Perry

Via Airbnb

Sick of having date night in your parents' basement? Have it somewhere else, for a whole weekend! This treehouse on Airbnb is the perfect place to get away. While it's technically not in Toronto, it's in Port Perry which is only an hour away. So grab your girlfriend and take her to this magical place!

Not only is it adorable, but it's very practical as well. It has a spiral staircase leading up to the loft bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a little living room area. Leave all of your devices at home and take some time to unwind with some games and books here.

Click here to book.

Via Airbnb

Via Airbnb

Go Skating At Ontario Place

Where: 955 Lake Shore Blvd W

Thinking about skating in Toronto? Your mind automatically goes to Nathan Phillips Square or Harbourfront Centre. And while both of those are popular for a good reason, try out something different this year! Ontario Place has a beautiful skating rink with such a clear view of the Toronto skyline. Also, skating isn't the only great thing about the holidays at Ontario Place. 

Looking for a date night that's filled with activity? You've found it. They have a winter light exhibit, you can see movies in the Cinesphere, they have bonfires from sunset to close, fairy lights everywhere ... really, this place couldn't get more romantic!

Treat You And Your GF To A Spa Day 

Where: Miraj Hammam Spa, Shangri-La Toronto

Feeling a little bit stressed? Remember when I said show your girlfriend you love her, I meant it! And a spa day is the perfect way. Even if it's not the whole day (because we're not made out of money), just a massage is enough! If you've never been to the Shangri-La Toronto hotel, you're missing out. And if you haven't experienced the Miraj Hammam Spa, then you're missing out even more. 

This spa is absolutely stunning, and while it's a little pricey, you don't have to spend all your money there. Make it a date day and start out with something both of you will love. You'll be so glad you went there, and you could even do this before going home and watching holiday movies to really relax. 

Take A Road Trip To Lumina Borealis

Where: Kingston

Want to get out of the city for a little bit? Take a mini road trip and head to Kingston, the most underrated city in Canada. Kingston is full of life and so much great food and shopping. However, where you really need to hit up is Lumina Borealis, which is a crazy winter light show festival that is beyond words. Nothing can compare and if you really want to feel like you're in a Christmas movie, head here. 

Lumina Borealis is located at Fort Henry in Kingston, and it's open from November 30th to January 5th. This is a completely different way to experience the holidays, and you'll be grateful that you went with your girlfriend. You get to see light designs on the walls, lit up Christmas trees, and so much more. It's hard to explain unless you're truly there, and since tickets are only $16, it won't break the bank!