Horoscopes have a bad rep for being cheesy clichés that are overly hyped up by tabloid magazines and love columnists... and for the most part, we agree. But then again, who doesn't want to be reassured that the man of the dreams may walk into their life around the 17th? Immediately flipping to the last few pages of Cosmo to indulge in your zodiac predictions is a guilty pleasure that almost every twenty-something girl shares. So this month we've decided to give Cosmo's astrological advise a Toronto translation to bring you the most relatable predictions possible.

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Cosmo's Call: Until the Sun moves into your sign on the 23rd, give yourself the gift of downtown to recharge. And the 25th, when the New Moon is in your relationship zone, is one of your best 2015 days for love.

6ix Wisdom: Forget your student budget and treat yourself to a luxurious facial at The Ritz-Carlton. Don't hesitate at the high price tag, you'll thank yourself later when your glowing complexion turns heads for days to come.

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Cosmo's Call: You're hard to resist this month. A second-degree friend could become a new flame.

6ix Wisdom: October's changing leaves are the perfect excuse to head to High Park for a scenic stroll. In a setting that romantic, paired with a bottle of wine (or two), your flirtatious friend is sure to finally make his move.

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Cosmo's Call: This month you need to focus on fine tuning your networking skills.

6ix Wisdom: Find your in to one of this month's creative events at The Spoke club and rub elbows with some of Toronto's socialites.

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Cosmo's Call: A long-sought perk on the 30th could put some pep in your step.

6ix Wisdom: Alright, you've got about 3 weeks to lay some ground work with your campus crush and ensure they're heading to the same Halloween event you are. Be sure to wear a costume that's easy to take off...

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Cosmo's Call: On the 8th, Venus slides into your relationship zone, so extend a smidge of that focus to a curious stranger.

6ix Wisdom: Just don't get too excited when swiping right. Tinder finds aren't always as excited as their bios make them seem.

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Cosmo's Call: Curb spending when the Sun moves into your house of finances on the 23rd.

6ix Wisdom: You're in luck; Toronto has an extensive portfolio of vintage shops and consignment stores. Secondhand finds should be your first choice to outfit your fall wardrobe this year.

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Cosmo's Call: If coworker drama hits a nerve, take the high road.

6ix Wisdom: Trouble on Bay St.? Take your office frienemy out for a (few) drink(s) at Drake One Fifty on your lunch break and hash things out. It's hard to hold a grudge after a few glasses of their Porch Punch.

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Cosmo's Call:Look for a love on the 13th that's both stable and stimulating.

6ix Wisdom: Stop fucking around with fuck boys! Don't settle for the first sleaze to buy you a shot at Citizen. Move your midterm study sessions from the library to a downtown coffee shop. Who knows, a sober conversation with a fellow coffee drinker may also end with a round of shots. Though this time they'll be espresso.

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Cosmo's Call: This month you need to focus on following through with some capital-G goals.

6ix Wisdom: It's time to make good on that "Twenty-Fit-Teen" New Year's resolution you made all those months ago. This is probably the last month that it'll be warm enough to do some outdoor running through the 6ix with your woes, so don't waste any time.

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Cosmo's Call: Conquer a long-standing project after the New Moon on the 12th and stay sharp.

6ix Wisdom: Staying sharp doesn't mean you can't celebrate your big moment. Head to one of the ROM's friday night parties to binge on some well deserved drinks in a shame free venue.


Cosmo's Call: Be confident not brash when expressing yourself. Balance between giving and standing your ground.

6ix Wisdom: 'Tis the season for Thanksgiving...and all the family feuds that come along with the elaborate feast. If you're family is heading up North for the weekend hopefully you can use the great outdoors as an excuse to walk away from some heated conversations. If worst comes to worst you'll at least have gotten a classic Muskoka insta op out of the weekend.

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Cosmo's Call: With trickster Mercury remaining retrograde in your sign until the 9th, be extra clear when you communicate.

6ix Wisdom: Ask for extra whip on your PSL. AND make sure they spell your name right on the cup.