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The “Official Toronto Soundtrack" For Sh*t That Will Only Happen In The City

Drake is not included.

Photo cred - Jixter05

Toronto is a city of many sights and sounds. Not only does the city boast an incredibly impressive music scene, there are certain things that would only happen in Toronto. You know what we mean, those moments where you say to yourself "only in Toronto" and either smile or frown, depending on the situation.

As an ode to both moments only experienced in Toronto and the city's many musicians, we decided to create a playlist of Toronto artists for things that only happen in the city. For some, we chose bands whose sound reflect feelings felt at certain points in the year, for others specific songs for specific moments.

We think we did a legit job of representing the city's vibe, and check out our rationale below. Give a listen to the playlist too, and feel free to let us know what you'd put on your Toronto playlist too.

  • Cold Specks, whose solemn sounds reflect the morose vibe that takes over Toronto in the winter.
  • 5 Days in May, for when the first whiffs of spring finally hit the city and all the slush has nearly disappeared.
  • Broken Social Scene, as an ode to Toronto's fading punk scene and nights spent at Sneeky Dee's.
  • Crystal Castles, to represent the city's modern music scene and tunes reminiscent of nights spent thrashing about at Wrongbar.
  • Guns + Ammunition, because they perfectly capture that feeling when you're stuck in Toronto traffic yet can't do a thing about it.
  • Shoom, the embodiment of a Thursday night during the warm months on Queen West: disorienting but pleasant.
  • Atop a Cake, whose songs just bring you back to summer nights spent drinking brews on the rooftop of your friends place in the annex, judging all the strangers below.
  • Raw Sugar, because it was basically written about how downtown Toronto is gross and horrible, the perfect tune when you're surrounded by rude business people in the city's core and you're a little freaked.
  • Your Light is Spent, a silly weird song because Torontonians are silly and weird, in a good way.

Now listen up.