The One Easy Thing You Can Do To Make Your Relationship Better, According To Science

If you're unhappy in a relationship and thinking of ending it, there's one thing you should try first. 

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A new study by Maranges and McNulty investigated the effects of sleep deprivation on romantic relationships. Their findings indicated that people who slept more reported more satisfaction in their relationships than those who got less sleep. 

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While this might sound like common sense, it's worth considering that your unhappiness in a relationship (or in life in general) might be triggered by extraneous factors, like sleep deprivation. 

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Before making a dramatic life change, you should look into adjusting your sleep habits. It just might make a difference. 

You Need To Make Almost $200K A Year To Afford A Home In Toronto So Good Luck

Housing in Toronto has become less affordable in 2021, says a report.

It might be time to ask your boss for a raise if you're looking to become a property owner this year.

A report by the National Bank Of Canada just revealed the price of a representative home in the metropolitan market in Toronto is $1,146,667, and to afford that, your household needs to make an annual income of $193,913.

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A new study in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology examines the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on pregnant women.  

The study explores mRNA vaccinations, which include both Pfizer and Moderna's COVID-19 vaccines. 

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A new study has emerged from a team of researchers in China that shows the impact global warming may have on the four Canadian seasons

The study looks to the entire Northern Hemisphere and works to understand how long our four seasons will become by the year 2100. 

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A Canadian study revealed that 41% of 700 hospitals investigated across the country do not have sexual assault evidence kits available.

She Matters, an advocacy group made up of women-identifying survivors and allies, led a year-long study that looked at the availability of sexual assault evidence kits in hospitals around the country. 

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