As with just about everything associated with Elon Musk, Tesla cars are seen as really really good, but also very VERY expensive. The companies Model S, for example, would cost you $86,800 to buy. Which is of course kind of outrageous for a car.

So when it was announced earlier this year that Tesla was releasing a new car model, called the Model 3, that is going to cost much less than anything else they make people were pretty happy about it.

And now the government of Ontario wants to help you buy that car, by giving you some of money to spend on it. That’s right they’ll give you a money rebate to help get you into a Tesla.  

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So how much money are they going to be giving you?

How’s 14,000 sound? Sweet deal, right?

Now of course the Model 3 isn’t cheap, it costs $45,600 but with that $14,000 rebate the cost drops significantly.

All the way down to $31,600.  

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So you’ll still have to come up with that money yourself.

The reason the government is willing to do this is to attempt to incentivize people into driving electric vehicles.  

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The only real drawback here is that that the Model 3 has been plagued by production delays, causing Elon Musk to start sleeping at the factory in attempt to help speed up the process.

Right now wait times to get your hands on a Model 3 is about 12-14 months. So you could be waiting a bit.

But how else are you going to get a cheap Tesla? 

Source: Mobilesyrup