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The People Have Spoken: Young Justin Trudeau Is Hotter Than Young Joe Biden

Arguably the most crucial debate of the 21st century involves two of the most prominent political figures in the Northern hemisphere: Justin Trudeau, the current prime minister of Canada, and Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States. Thouhg, the debate doesn't involve anything related to politics or important world issues whatsoever... Rather, it regards something completely unimportant and insignificant - who was the hotter teenager? 

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Tylt, a media and news website, attempted to end the debate once and for all by asking the people of the internet which team they were on. It should be noted that the poll they conducted was just for fun and was in no way scientific or universally-encompassing. Before we reveal the results, here are some of the photos to give you a taste of exactly what we're dealing with:

Young Justin Trudeau

via @freddiecloset

via @shelley_phelps_

via @kyladeano

Young Joe Biden

via @remotedestroyer

via @nicoliveros

via @youngjoebiden_

Are you #TeamYoungTrudeau or #TeamYoungBiden? The verdict is in:

Not pleased with the results? Maybe you'd prefer a young Donald Trump...

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