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The Perfect Toronto Summer Bar Crawl For You And Your BFFs

Y'all better be crawling after this.
The Perfect Toronto Summer Bar Crawl For You And Your BFFs

When that summer sunshine first hits Toronto, there’s only one place you want to be - a patio, of course. It’s a well known fact that as soon as the GTA hits anywhere warmer than 15 degrees that bars fill up faster than pint glasses. Instead of being stagnant and staying at one spot, try hopping around to some of the best patios and pubs the city has to offer!

Photo Cred @erdingercanada  

1st Stop: Ronnie’s Local // 69 Nassau Street

1st stop, somewhere grungy, lowkey and most importantly - cheap.

Ronnie’s Local is the perfect place to kick off your summer bar crawl. With picnic tables out front to soak up some much needed Vitamin D and bargain pitchers of beer, you’ll be well on your way to a hot tan while keeping cool.

Photo Cred - @aranthrapology

2nd Stop: Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Avenue

You’re well on your way to feeling VIP at Cold Tea. This Toronto hotspot is infamous for its speakeasy, hard-to-find entrance. You and your bestfriends are guaranteed to feel exclusive as f*ck when you finally step inside. Bonus points if you stop by on a Sunday during their famous Sunday BBQ, featuring backyard bangers from a live DJ and delicious outdoor eats from tons of Toronto chefs.

Photo Cred - @elraymezcalbar

3rd Stop: El Ray Mezcal Bar // 2A Kensington Avenue

Let’s kick things up a knotch, shall we? If you’re looking for spice and excitement, El Ray is a good way to go. If you’ve never tried mezcal - tequila’s fun cousin - El Ray has over 35 different varieties of the liquor for you to try. Down a couple shots and snack on some of their crunchy cacahuate - which is a mix of grasshoppers and peanuts FYI, but you should be buzzed enough to not get grossed out.

Photo Cred - @jollyinebriate

4th Stop // Bar Hop Queen West, 137 Peter Street

At this point, people notice how fun you and the squad are - so the party’s growing. No worries though, Bar Hop’s new 3-story sister location has space for you and the crew. There loads of craft-taps for you to sample while taking in that beautiful Queen Street view.

Photo cred - @hometownbrewco

5th Stop: Tequila Bookworm // 512 Queen Street West

If you need to recharge, now’s the time. Tequila Bookworm has a very low key, relaxed vibe - making it the perfect place to grab a snack and revv up your energy. By all means, grab an Ontario brew or cider while you munch on some chicken nuggs (nuggs!!) or their 3-for-$15 chips and dip platter.

Photo Cred - @paigemcphee

6th Stop: Bovine Sex Club //542 Queen Street West

Before you get sketched out by the name of this little Queen Street jewel, take a look at their patio. The Bovine’s tiki bar is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. The punk rock venue below does a great job at scaring away anyone not willing to risk it all for a drink served in an ACTUAL pineapple. Get your phones and FujiFilms out, this place is nothing short of snap-worthy.

Photo cred - @joeymats

6th Stop // 416 Snack Bar // 181 Bathurst Street

Hop off Queen for a hot minute - trust me, it’s worth it. 416 Snack Bar has bites that will satisfy your all of your friends - the foodies, the vegans, the picky eaters. A one stop shop to split some mini Big Macs and get your stomach lined for what’s to come.

Photo cred - @jkeeels

8th Stop: The Done Right Inn // 861 Queen Street West

To top off the evening, how about some house party vibes? Throw it right back to the days of student house shakers with The Done Right Inn. Cozy like your grandma’s sofa, Done Right has some great seating, dope backyard booths and is dog friendly. What’s better than a pint and pug?? Don’t @ me!

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