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The Raptors Destroyed The Celtics So Bad Last Night That Even The Celtics Coach Is Applauding Them

The Raptor's impressive victory over the Celtics has coach Stevens shaking his head.
The Raptors Destroyed The Celtics So Bad Last Night That Even The Celtics Coach Is Applauding Them

The Raptors 118-95 win over the Celtics last night was nothing short of spectacular. Toronto lit up the second quarter of the game in a dazzling display of teamwork and hard-earned defence effectively sealing Boston’s fate. Pascal Siakam marched the Raptors to victory with a stunning 25 points and eight rebounds with Kawhi Leonard also putting in a solid 21 points and six rebounds and Serge Ibaka's trailing just behind with a respectable 14 points.

The Raptors' impressive victory was not lost on Celtics coach Brad Stevens, who admitted in the simplest of terms why Toronto had taken the night. “Same old, same old,” explained Stevens while fielding questions from reporters following the devastating loss. “I thought we were just outplayed in every which way.”

Steven’s lost his head just before halftime after Jayson Tatum was hit with a technical foul after his call for an offensive foul was waved by a referee. The incident was understandably infuriating for Stevens who was caught on a hot mic reacting to the call. “Oh, everybody saw it. F***. Who cares?”

Brad Stevens, yelling to JT Orr who just T'd up Tatum for waving at him after the offensive foul call:"JT! Airpunch, he loses his mind, that's one thing. He waved! ..... Oh everybody saw it. F-- who cares?"

February 27, 2019

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It was indeed a rough night for the Celtics with the 31-point loss marking their worst since 2015 as the Raptors continue to add steam to their continuing hot streak.

The sleeper victory seemed to come out of nowhere for fans tuning in, and the sudden burst of energy was crystal clear to Raptors coach Nick Nurse who detailed the team’s impressive second-quarter comeback. “And in the second quarter all that stuff I thought was going to happen started happening because of our energy and physicality,” Nurse said, according to Raptors Republic.

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It was an exciting night well earned by a team that has had its fair share of ups and downs and with their recent trades adding new elements to their game they are simply a thrill to watch.

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